What is a Windows&Trade; Smartphone?

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A Windows™ smartphone is a phone that operates with a Windows™ mobile operating system, as opposed to an operating system developed for the Blackberry™ device by manufactured by Research in Motion. The Windows™ smartphone is one of the two main competing smartphone systems. The functionality of the Windows™ smartphone has continually improved over the years as the technology has developed.

Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, as people are demanding more and more features from a cell phone. While many phones are capable of some of the features of a smartphone, there are many functions it simply cannot do. Also, versions of both the Windows™ smartphone and Blackberry™ version offer a full keyboard. Even for those who may not take advantage of other key functions, those who are texting may find one useful just for this purpose alone.

While nearly any smartphone on the market can communicate and coordinate with Microsoft™ applications, the Windows™ smartphone has an advantage just because the manufacturer of both software operating systems is the same. In other words, it is designed to integrate seamlessly. While users generally do not complain about the Blackberry™ operating system, this may be a consideration for people who are highly dependent on Windows™ products.


Much like the Blackberry™, the Windows™ smartphone has the ability to send and receive e-mail. This is, perhaps, the most used and appreciated feature of any smartphone, but there are other features as well. The Windows™ smartphone may come with the Microsoft Office&trade mobile version. This means documents that used to be only available for reviewing and editing from a computer are now available on the phone. While Blackberry&trade offers a similar option, it does so through third-party software. Thus, for Windows Office™ users, the Windows™ smartphone offers a very big advantage over some of the other options on the market.

Also, as Microsoft™ has caught on to the popularity and profitability of smartphones and mobile computing, the Windows&trade smartphone has become more user-friendly. Over the years, with each new upgrade to the operating system, reviews have generally become more favorable toward the Windows™ smartphone. The choice between the competing operating systems and hardware comes down to personal preference more than anything else.


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Post 2

@Logicfest -- I'm not sure anyone ever hoped to do any real, involved work on a phone. If you get Office docs open on a phone, it's usually to refer to them and perhaps make an edit or two. A soft keyboard is fine for that.

If you are really having trouble with one, though, there are a lot of third-party alternatives available that can add a small, mechanical keyboard to your Windows phone. Give one a shot.

Post 1

The notion of being able to take office docs on the road is intriguing and what company other than Microsoft is in a better position to develop a seamless integration between computers and smart phones?

Still, there is a problem with smart phones that makes working on the road with them very difficult. Those "soft" keyboards are horrible to do any real work on and a lot of people find it annoying to even text with them. It is a shame that mechanical keyboards are rapidly being replaced. Those tiny keyboards aren't perfect, but they sure make typing easier.

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