What is a Window of Opportunity?

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A window of opportunity is a brief period of time in which it is particularly advantageous to do something. Often, it closes quickly, meaning that someone must take a decisive action at the time or risk wondering what would have happened had he or she acted. When a window of opportunity emerges, some people say that “opportunity is knocking,” suggesting that someone would be a fool to ignore the chance.

This term is used in a wide range of fields, from astronomy to economics. In astronomy, for example, scientists may have only a brief window of opportunity to observe a remarkable event, due to the alignment of various celestial bodies and the difficulty involved in coordinating the use of scientific equipment. In medicine, a doctor may refer to a “window of opportunity” for treatment, meaning a brief period of time during which treatment would be highly effective. In economics, such windows can open up when products experience a brief downturn, allowing competitors to move in, or when companies spot a potential for a market advantage.


An individual or organization may not always notice a window of opportunity; in some cases, people talk wistfully about missed opportunities, referring to windows which opened briefly and without fanfare. These instances can be extremely frustrating, as people were not even offered the option of choosing to let the opportunity pass. Many large companies maintain analysts on their staffs to prevent missed opportunities; these people scour their industry with a sharp eye for potential opportunities.

As a consumer, you may also hear the term “window of opportunity” bandied about rather a lot, especially by people who are trying to sell you something. Some salespeople use a hard sell approach in which they suggest that consumers will only be able to get a deal on a certain day or at a certain moment, for example. In these cases, it is usually a good idea to carefully consider the terms of the sale and the item in question before reaching a decision, as the salesperson may be trying to hurry you into a choice which you will later regret.

When a window of opportunity opens for you, take the time to consider it. Whether someone is offering to pay for college or blueberries are on sale, there are potential ramifications to think about. In the first example, for instance, someone may only be offering to pay for a specific educational goal, like a degree in a subject you are not very interested in, making it an opportunity with strings attached which may come back to haunt you. In the second instance, the blueberries may be on sale because they are about to rot, so take the time to examine them carefully before making the plunge.


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Post 3

@GreenWeaver -I know what you mean. I have to say that when salespeople apply pressure to get me to buy something, I never go for it. They tell me that the item will not be there tomorrow or the price is only good for today. I always tell them that I need to think about it and I usually get a better deal.

So in these situations, it is better to think things through before you purchase something that you might regret. A cooling off period will make you understand if the item that you are considering is worth the purchase.

Post 2

@Mutsy - Wow good for you. I think that when you capitalize on a window of opportunity it is exhilarating because you are so excited that you have to tell everyone you know.

I remember going to an upscale toy store that was closing, and I think that I bought most of the collectible dolls for my daughter.

The dolls were selling for $30 that originally retailed for $100. I always look out for store closings because sometimes you get some really good deals.

It is so fun to shop for these deals because you know the window of opportunity is so small because you won’t see this merchandise sold for these prices ever again.

Post 1

I experienced a window of opportunity recently with the real estate market. I really felt that this was a great time to buy and finally bought an oceanfront condo for half of what it originally sold for a few years earlier.

It was a foreclosure that I bought at a bank owned auction. It was really exciting, but my husband and I saw the property a few months earlier and finally decide to put an offer on the property, but our real estate agent told us that the property was going to an auction so if I wanted the property, I had to register for the auction.

The only bad thing involved having to pay the buyer’s premium which was an additional $10,000.

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