What Is a Wide Toothed Comb?

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A wide toothed comb is a type of comb designed with the “teeth,” or the prongs that actually comb the hair, spaced far apart. Wide toothed combs are popular options for people with hair that tangles easily or is too thick for fine toothed combs. Beyond grooming, some people use wide toothed combs to help them evenly distribute styling product such as gel, mouse, or conditioner. Like other types of combs, wide toothed combs are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Usually, these combs are affordably priced and are available at most retail shops that sell grooming supplies.

The basic design of a wide toothed comb is similar to that of any other comb. The comb features teeth attached to some sort of handle. Some combs have short handles, and others have long handles, or what are sometimes called tail handles. Since the teeth are so far apart, they allow the comb to glide more easily through the hair. This design is why a wide toothed comb is more ideal for someone with long, thick, or curly hair than is a fine toothed comb.


Perhaps the wide toothed comb design is most popular for detangling hair that is prone to becoming tangled, especially because the wide tooth design can help prevent hair breakage. Using a wide toothed comb for this purpose works well for both wet and dry hair, as well as curly and straight hair. It works especially well for the kind of thick hair a fine toothed comb has trouble getting through. People often use these types of combs for more than just combing their hair. For example, combs with a wide tooth design are effective for distributing hair color, leave-in conditioner, and other hair grooming and styling product.

Choosing a wide toothed comb is largely based on personal preference, though the shopper will want to pay attention to certain features that can work best for her hair type. For example, for people with short hairstyles, shorter combs are more convenient to use than long combs. For people who want help parting their hair, combs with tail handles work better than combs with no protruding handles. Some people feel a wooden wide toothed comb prevents snagging better than a plastic style does, but often this depends on hair type and grooming habits, as well as the rounded or pointy style of the prongs’ ends. Wide toothed combs are available at most department and drugs stores and beauty salons and generally are affordably priced.


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Post 3

@serenesurface-- I think some of those are specifically made for curly hair or for hair that tangles a lot. You should read the description of the various combs to make a decision.

I've never liked combs with handles. I use a wide toothed comb too but it's the traditional style, like the kind that barbers and hair stylists use for combing before cutting. I find this type the easiest to hold and use. Plus, I tried a comb with a handle once and I broke it in just a few days. My comb has to be very sturdy, made of thick, durable, but flexible plastic.

I'm very curious about wooden combs too. I heard that these are better than plastic ones. It's also a better choice in terms of the material being environmentally-friendly. If I need a comb soon, I'm planning on trying a wooden one.

Post 2

I need a wide toothed comb but there are so many different types out there. Some have different handles, some have different length and shape prongs. I saw one at the store at the other day which had wavy prongs. Another had prongs that alternated in length between short and long. It's confusing and difficult to make a choice.

Post 1

I use a wide toothed comb for my hair. I have been doing so for many years now. It's not that my hair tangles, really. I use a wide toothed comb because my hair is very thick and narrow toothed combs damage my hair and cause pain.

There was a time when I knew nothing about combs and brushes and I was using any random comb for my hair. But when I started growing my hair longer, it became more and more difficult to brush after showers because of its thickness. It was damaging my hair a lot and it was painful too.

So I asked my friend about it and she said that I'm using the wrong type of comb, I need a wide toothed one. I took her advice and I haven't looked back. A wide toothed comb really makes a difference for someone with thick and long hair.

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