What is a Whitening Serum?

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A whitening serum can slow down the enzymes responsible for producing melanin in the skin. This changes the pigmentation of the skin and over time, skin becomes lighter. Skin whitening serum is available in either a powder or liquid form. It must be used consistently to see any changes in skin pigmentation. There are various skin conditions that can be helped by using it.

Premature wrinkles and blotchy skin can benefit from skin whitening serum. By lightening the facial skin, wrinkles and fine lines can be visibly reduced. The wrinkles do not disappear, but they will be less visible than before. Uneven skin tones and age spots can also be corrected by using a whitening serum. It produces an all-over lighter color and can hide unsightly facial flaws.

Vitiligo is a condition that affects the skin’s pigmentation. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for creating color in the skin. With this condition, these cells are destroyed, which can result in lighter colored patches of skin. This condition can develop in anyone, regardless of race, but can be more visible when a person has a darker skin tone. A skin serum can even out skin tones, so that the vitiligo becomes less noticeable.


When removing an older tattoo, laser surgery is typically required. This can be a painful and expensive procedure, but a skin whitening serum can sometimes provide the same results. Over time, it gently fades the tattoo by eliminating the ink coloring. It can take several months to see any fading of the tattoo, but when the serum is used consistently, it can remove the tattoo without any discomfort.

Whitening serums can produce negative side effects. There have been allergic reactions associated with this product. Each company that makes this serum uses different ingredients, some of which can cause skin irritations. It also can take several months to a year to see any change in the skin’s pigmentation. Whitening products can also severely irritate the eyes.

Whitening serum should not be used with other bleaching products because this can reduce the moisture level in the skin. The pores of the skin can become enlarged by using this product, resulting in increased blackheads or blemishes. This serum should not be worn under makeup or other types of skin care products because it can cause a severe allergic reaction.


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Post 3

Here is some news for people wanting to get tattoos removed. Going through laser surgery takes several treatments and can also take months to remove them completely (you can't just run in and have one treatment after another).

You might save some money by using a whitening serum and the process will take about as long as going through several laser surgery treatments. That is assuming, of course, that the whitening serum works.

Post 2

@Terrificli -- some of them may be worse than scams. They may actually be harmful. For example, hydroquinone is a common ingredient in whitening gels and some claim it has been linked to cancer development.

Is that true? The information on that is a bit sketchy at this point as more research needs to be done. Still, it is a very good idea to consult a dermatologist before buying any whitening serum. A good one will know what products work well, which ones may be dangerous and which ones don't work at all.

Post 1

You can buy a lot of those skin whitening products without a prescription, but proceed with caution. A lot of those products do work well, but some are just scams designed to separate people with age spots from their cash and give them nothing in return.

Research is essential, folks.

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