What is a White Wine Spritzer?

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White wine spritzers are simple alcoholic drinks created with the use of two basic ingredients. Depending on personal preferences, other ingredients can be added in order to achieve a specific taste to the finished drink. Because it is possible to create so many different types of spritzers, it is not unusual to find versions that are closely associated with a given geographical region.

To create the basic white wine spritzer, all that is required is 1 cup (236.5 ml) of white wine combined with 0.5 cup (118.2 ml) of club soda or other type of carbonated liquid. No shaking or mixing is necessary in order to create this simple drink. The wine is poured into the glass, then topped with the carbonated water. In order to receive the full benefit of the carbonation, it is important to serve the spritzer immediately after combining the ingredients.

There are a number of recipes for spritzers that call for additional ingredients. The amount of carbonated liquid can be cut slightly and a small amount of some type of schnapps used instead. Flavored waters that are infused with carbonation can also be used instead of club soda. There are even some recipes that call for using such carbonated ingredients as orange or strawberry soda, although the appeal of these options may be an acquired taste.


It is also possible to prepare a spritzer using different types of white wines. A simple table wine may be used, as well as some types of Rhine wines or even a blush. Going with a pale wine that possesses a more robust flavor is an excellent way to experiment with the drink and come up with recipes that are unique and provide an element of the unexpected to enjoying the drink.

While a simple drink, the white wine spritzer is a welcome addition to many settings. Spritzers may be enjoyed in the middle of the afternoon or after an evening meal. It is often considered a welcome addition to the beverage options offered at a brunch. Even as something different to enjoy after a hard day, the drink is a quick and easy treat to prepare.

Because a spritzer is such a simple drink to prepare, even people who are not proficient with mixing drinks can easily master this refreshing beverage. In addition, wine spritzers can be created on the spur of the moment, making the drink an ideal offering when visitors arrive unannounced.


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Post 3

I use white wine spritzers as an apertif to a fall foliage dinner I host every year. My favorite recipe for this gathering consists of equal parts Chardonnay and diet ginger ale garnished with an orange slice. I have served this concoction both in a punch bowl and out of a decorative carafe. For added appeal, you can wet the rims of whatever glasses you plan to use and dip them in crystallized ginger or sugar. Delicious every time!

Post 2

A white wine spritzer will run you somewhere between 85-100 calories. This caloric makeup depends entirely on which wine and carbonated beverage are selected. You can cut the calories significantly by using a diet soda.

Post 1

I served wine spritzers at a Christmas party and they were a huge hit! I made them very festive in appearance. Here is a simple and festive recipe: Fill wine glasses with ice and add 2 parts wine and 1 part club soda. Add a splash of red or green grenadine to each drink and stir. Top with cranberries or pomegranate seeds and enjoy!

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