What is a Wheelchair Backpack?

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A wheelchair backpack is a bag that is meant to attach to a wheelchair in order to allow the person in the chair to carry items around with ease. These kinds of wheelchair accessories range from basic to sophisticated, but the majority of bags feature adjustable straps, a means to close the bag to keep items safe, and at least one pocket or divider to promote organization. A wheelchair backpack is often perfect for those in a power wheelchair, but it can also be used by those pushing the chair, as they often need a place to put their keys or other items.

Most wheelchair backpacks are about the same size of a regular school backpack, but there are other sizes available, as well. The typical size is usually good for students or employees who need to tote their books, laptop, or other necessities with them to school or work. There are mini backpacks that work well for those who just need to carry a few items around, and they often fit perfectly on the wheelchair front tubing for easy access. There are also tote and messenger bags, which are considered more casual and contemporary than the typical backpack.


Most basic bags for wheelchairs include at least one large space in which to place items, but many also feature various pockets and pouches. The best selling backpacks are made up of one large pocket that zippers shut, as well as a smaller compartment on the front in which to place small items like keys. There may be pockets made of mesh that do not close, but keep items secure in the wheelchair backpack using an elastic band. Separate pockets that perfectly fit pencils, water bottles, and cell phones are also often found on the higher-end bags.

Even the most basic wheelchair backpack often includes at least one feature meant for safety and convenience. For example, a reflective strip on the bag is a good feature to have when using the wheelchair outdoors at night, since it makes it easier for cars and cyclists to see the chair. Many bags also have zippers at both ends of the main compartment so that it can be closed or opened from either end, along with finger loops to make them easier to access. Additionally, some bags include water resistant lining so that the items inside the wheelchair backpack are protected on rainy days. Such features provide wheelchair users with added versatility and peace of mind.


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