What is a Wet Bar?

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A wet bar is a small bar or counter, used for mixing alcoholic drinks, that includes a sink with running water. The sink can be used for adding water to drinks or for cleaning glasses and related items. Though small, the counter or bar space can be used to rest glasses while mixing drinks, as well as for storing a small number of bar accessories.

Often, wet bars are found in hotel guest rooms. In such cases, hotel guests are typically required to pay for whatever they consume from the bar. However, many homeowners choose to install wet bars in their homes for entertainment purposes. Though they can be located anywhere in the house, many people choose to put them in basements.

Often, a wet bar includes an indented area in which a small refrigerator can be placed. Though not completely necessary, having a refrigerator offers you the convenience of keeping drink items chilled and saves you from running back and forth to another room for refrigerated items. Typically, wet bars have small storage areas beneath the counter or bar as well. This handy storage space can be used to keep bottles, drink mixes, glassware, stirrers, and a full range of necessities close at hand.


Most wet bars are made from wood or stainless steel. As spills may occur on a regular basis, a wooden bar may be laminated to provide for easy cleaning. Keep in mind, however, that a wet bar needn’t fit into a traditional type of style. Instead, in-home bars can feature an amazing range of finishes and designs, targeted towards the unique taste of the homeowner.

If you are good with your hands, you may be able to build your own wet bar. There are many websites that offer plans and instructions for free. Some companies even sell do-it-yourself kits to make home construction simple.


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Post 7

How hard is it to build a wet bar for the amateur? I would really like to put one in in the basement but I am not sure I have the skills to do all the plumbing and what not. But I could save so much money doing it myself, so if anyone thinks I have a shot, please let me know.

Post 6
I moved into an apartment that just happened to have a wet bar in it. I was in my early 20s and partying pretty hard so I immediately thought of setting up a little bar.

I quickly found out that stocking a bar with even the bare bones is really expensive. I would have had to spend almost an entire pay check to get just the full range of liquors, to say nothing of mixers. So I gave up on that idea pretty quickly. Maybe if I get rich one day I can reconsider.

Post 5

I find it interesting that the wet bar is the place where most people congregate when they come to our home. There is something casual and informal about sitting at the counter that is by the wet bar.

Most people like to be where the food and drink is and I think this is another reason why this is such a popular place. When we built our wet bar I knew it would be really convenient, but had no idea it would be the first place company would head to when the come to my home.

Post 4

I use the wet bar cabinets in our home not only to store glasses but also other dishes and snacks that come in handy. Having a wet bar is just like adding on some extra counter and cabinet space, and who couldn't use more of that?

Having another sink is another feature that is a big plus. There have been many times when having an extra sink like this comes in handy whether I am using it for drinks or something else.

Post 3

When we moved into the house where we live now there was a wet bar already installed in the basement. This was the first time I had a home with a wet bar and I was pretty excited about it.

Our finished basement has become our family room where everyone likes to hang out. I love having the convenience of a wet bar here. We don't use this for alcoholic drinks, but keep water and soda available for the kids and their friends.

Our wet bar has a sink, counter space and also includes a refrigerator and a dish washer. It is like a mini-kitchen, but the setting is like a bar with bar stools set up at the counter.

It is wonderful having a convenient place to store the drinks and clean the glasses without running up and down the stairs from the kitchen all the time.

Post 2

We had a wet bar installed in our home and it is the best thing we have ever done! We had it built in our den. It is made out of stainless steel and wood. We often entertain at home and it comes in handy having it here.

Post 1

For people who entertain frequently, a wet bar can be a good investment. Not only does the wet bar store glasses but also all the drinks and accessories. It is a dedicated place that can be the center of a party, instead of having guests meeting in the kitchen.

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