What is a Wellness Hotel?

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There may be several definitions for the term wellness hotel. In the most modern sense some of these hotels are built near major medical centers and they might house people who have lengthy procedures at the center, including extensive physical examinations, or want several days worth of wellness counseling. Alternately, the wellness hotel may offer its own health services, usually aimed at things like improving diet, nutrition or exercise habits. Another potential definition is that the wellness hotel offers a variety of spa services and might have access to nearby activities like skiing.

The first definition is still evolving but there are a number of major medical centers that may partner up with some hotels to serve outpatients or their families. These can vary in the degree of luxury they offer and may be more motel than hotel. A number of families, especially who have children, need to head to large medical centers that can be far away from home, and they might require long-term accommodations. For most people, hotel pricing for a long time is too expensive, though occasionally a hotel will offer discounts for people staying at a hospital. When this is still too pricey there may be other potential long-term accommodation possibilities like Ronald McDonald Houses.


Usually, the wellness hotel is thought of as more luxury, and some hotels may specifically cater to a certain population of patients that request high-end services from a medical facility. This could include things that aren’t typically covered by insurance like executive physicals, plastic surgery, and consultations with a number of allied health professionals. Some wellness hotels even have access to aftercare or nursing so patients can recover from procedures in a more comfortable setting.

These hotels can also be separate from and not connected to any type of hospital service while still offering some medical care. This is not entirely new. Lots of health spas with accommodations have been built around the world, and they may offer special diets, counseling on nutrition or fitness, and programs to put any counseling into practice. The hotel might employ dieticians, fitness consultants, wellness coaches, and variety of other allied health professions, while also offering luxury accommodations in lovely settings. Hotels could have certain goals for visitors like helping them to lose weight.

Sometimes wellness hotel simply means the hotel may offer spa services and perhaps a special menu. Spa services like massages, wraps, and facials could be extensive, and part of the experience of staying at one of these hotels could be sampling many of its services. This is again not an entirely new concept, but it is one growing in popularity. There are numerous hotels that now bill themselves as “wellness” oriented. As with any accommodations, it’s a good idea to read reviews and get a full understanding of services offered before booking a stay.


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