What is a Wellness Coach?

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A wellness coach is an individual who helps others keep on track with their wellness plan. The coach will help to not only devise an exercise routine, but also work on other aspects of wellness with the client. In some ways, the wellness coach will be a teacher. In other ways, the coach will be an encourager. Overall, the coach is a person who helps a client meet wellness goals.

Most people are familiar with personal trainers and what they do. These individuals set exercise goals for an individual, and then work with them to attain those goals. Often these are cardiovascular and weightlifting goals. Once they are met, new goals are often set. This is also a part of the job description of a wellness coach in many cases. However, exercise goals are not where the job ends, but simply a small part of the overall responsibility.

A wellness coach may also help with principles of a good diet. Though the coach may not be a certified dietitian, he or she will often have a good knowledge of nutrition, and understand the basics. Even such a basic understanding is enough to help set a diet for normal individuals. The coach may periodically check with the client to make sure the diet is being adhered to. This accountability is a good way to keep those on a wellness plan on track.


In addition to the principles of dieting, wellness coaches will also offer help on other health issues. For example, for those trying to quit smoking, they will offer some accountability, as well as advice on what to do when the urge hits. This may not totally stop relapses, but should provide another tool for those individuals. In addition to smoking, alcohol and fast food may be other problem areas as wellness coach helps individuals deal with.

A wellness coach often works with clients, who are part of an employee wellness or corporate wellness plan. These coaches may be hired to help keep track of an employee, and offer encouraging words of advice. This may even be done over the phone or through e-mail. Various software products can also serve some of these functions, especially when it comes to helping individuals keep track of exercise goals and planning a diet.

Though there may be rare cases where one coach deals solely, or predominately, with one client, most have many clients. Each is offered one-on-one service by being scheduled at different times, much like a personal fitness trainer will only work with one person at a time. This helps keep the cost affordable for many people, because they have the ability to choose how often and how long they will meet with a coach.


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Post 5

I'm wellness coach, qualified as an counselor and natural health enthusiast. Designing a personalized wellness plan for my clients is what I do. The field in which I spend most of my time is in pregnancy wellness.

Post 4

Little Man: I am a wellness coach and have a degree in counseling. We use behavior modification techniques taught in my master's program to assist in education in our wellness program at a major insurer. Hope this info helps.

Post 3

I heard about one thing recently called a beauty and wellness coach. Apparently many women are now consulting these coaches who are kind of a combination of personal trainer, nutritionist, makeup consultant and poise instructor all in one.

I know that many people who start of in lower-income areas and then suddenly start working in business or another area actually consult with these beauty and wellness coaches to help out with their PR (if they're public figures), or even simply to increase their confidence when it comes to their job or their life.

What about you all, have you heard of something like this, or do you have a practitioner like this in your area?

Post 2

So in order to qualify for a wellness coach job, you basically have to be like a personal trainer and a nutritionist rolled into one? That sounds pretty challenging.

What exactly is involved in wellness coach training? I mean, do people actually go to college to become a life and wellness coach, or do most people come into it laterally, after doing a degree in nutrition or personal training or exercise theory, etc.?

Could you give me a little bit more of a detailed wellness coach job description, and tell me how I might go about starting a wellness coach career?


Post 1

I have always wanted to meet with a life and wellness coach, even though I'm already pretty healthy. There's just something appealing about having somebody provide you with a little plan for your life, like a menu of diet recommendations, or an exercise plan.

I don't know why that is, but I feel like I would be able to follow a plan like that better than if I just tried to make one up on my own. I don't know if that just has to do with the authority of the person making the plan, or whether I would feel more compelled to follow the plan since I would know that somebody else would be checking up on me.

Are you guys like that when it comes to diet and fitness plans? Or am I just the lone one who fantasizes about having a wellness health coach sort out their lives for them?

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