What is a Weight Loss Retreat?

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Many people who suffer from obesity find it hard to maintain a healthy weight loss regimen while on their own. They get stuck in familiar habits and often rely on eating for emotional support. A weight loss retreat provides a solution to this problem by offering a supervised environment in a spa or weight loss facility in a secluded environment. Typically, a stay at a weight loss retreat will be for a least a week, although many suggest longer stays.

A weight loss retreat, often referred to as a fit camp or boot camp, typically offers an environment with a variety of support staff. This will usually include fitness trainers, specialized chefs, nutritionists, and other specialized staff such as massage therapists or chiropractors. Higher-end retreats will have staff to support other amenities, such as laundry and maid service.

The main goal of a weight loss retreat is to have the client lose weight in a relatively short amount of time. To this end, they include a special low-calorie diet, supervised exercise sessions, and educational classes. Most spas will offer several exercise sessions a day along with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as informative classes that offer information on topics such as nutrition or the psychology of being overweight. In higher-end retreats or retreats located in hotels, spa service with massages, saunas, steam rooms, and other amenities are often offered as part of the schedule.


Many weight loss retreats include other activities, such as yoga and meditation, to balance out the more physically demanding exercises. In addition, a variety of exercise sessions are offered to keep the exercise sessions from getting repetitive and dull. Different exercise options might include indoor spinning classes, outdoor hikes, or Salsa dancing. Other commonly offered exercise classes are Zumba, Pilates, and various dance classes. Retreats often offer activities particular to their environment, so a retreat at the beach might offer surfing classes, and a retreat in the mountains might offer snowshoe outings.

The minimum stay at most weight loss retreats is a week. They will typically offer packages that are based on the number of weeks, or months, that a client stays. Many retreats will also offer discount packages. The majority of weight loss retreats offer some type of support system after you leave, such as follow up counseling sessions on the phone or through email. These sessions are typically included as part of the package.


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