What is a Weight Loss Boot Camp?

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Weight loss boot camp is a type of camp that teaches people who want to get into shape about diet, exercise, and nutrition. These camps usually last for around eight weeks, but there may be some programs that are shorter or longer than that. People who attend weight loss boot camp are usually pushed to work harder than they are used to when exercising, and they are typically allowed to eat only healthy foods while they are at camp. Most people who attend these camps lose some weight and often continue to put into practice the lessons they have learned at camp in their day-to-day lives, which can lead to staying in shape and keeping excess weight off for good.

There are many people who decide to sign up for weight loss boot camp only to drop out after a few weeks. The reason so many people don't make it through the boot camp is because the camp program may be very similar to actual boot camp. The instructors do their best to make sure the people who are in camp for weight loss push themselves harder than they normally would when exercising. Many people find that they simply cannot deal with such strenuous workouts and decide to leave camp and go home. People who stay in the programs despite the difficulty of exercising often see great results in the way their bodies look by the time camp is over.


In addition to strenuous exercise, the diet required at weight loss boot camp might also be difficult for many people to deal with. While at camp, people are typically not allowed to eat anything apart from healthy food items. The exact foods and the amounts of these foods that people are allowed to eat might vary on an individual basis because not everyone has the same dietary needs. When combined with the strenuous work-out sessions, the healthy eating greatly contributes to weight loss. People who complete camp often become used to eating healthier foods and are easily able to continue eating better once camp is finished.

Weight loss boot camps are not all the same. Some boot camps are more like military boot camp or summer camp with less than desirable accommodations, while others are more like luxury retreats complete with comfortable living environments, beautiful scenery, and spas. The luxury retreats are generally much more expensive than other types of camps. Additionally, some weight loss boot camps require that people attending camp stay there without leaving while they are enrolled in camp, while other camps allow people to choose between living on site or attending camp for eight to 10 hours a day. People often have more success with weight loss boot camp when they live there because it is usually pretty easy for people to fall back into their old habits once they arrive at home after being at camp all day.


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