What Is a Web Developing Tool?

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A web developing tool is any of a large array of programs and tools that in some way help a webmaster develop a website. Some of these tools build the entire website while others help with smaller aspects of design and still others are used to validate the website code. While each program offers a distinct function, all of them are aimed at helping the web developer get his or her website up. They may even add a few features that novice, and even advanced, users may find difficult to code. Most web developing tools are Internet-based, so they can be used regardless of operating system (OS).

When it comes to developing and designing a website, the basic way is to manually input code into a text document and then save that document as the appropriate coding type. This method has some drawbacks, such as a slow development time, and requires that the webmaster knows the code to make his or her website. It also is difficult to see what the code is doing and whether there are any errors until the code is actually utilized on a website. These constraints mean most webmasters opt for a web developing tool.


Web building tools are usually computer-based rather than Internet-based and build the entire website for the webmaster. These programs typically combine manual coding and automatic coding. For example, the webmaster either enters the code for a table or uses a tool to build the table. Regardless, the object is created for the website. This type of web developing tool helps the webmaster visualize what the website looks like and, for those who are new or only slightly knowledgeable about website coding, gives him or her a little push to get that website finished.

Other web development tools focus on smaller aspects of website building, but these aspects are usually advanced or difficult to manually code. For example, most webmasters know how to code a simple menu, but making a menu that lights up or changes color when the user places his or her mouse on the menu button is more difficult. This type of web developing tool asks the webmaster a few questions, such as what color or what size to make an object, and generates code for use in the website. These are overwhelmingly Internet-based.

The third type of web developing tool focuses on administrative issues. These programs validate coding, because sometimes the webmaster will use coding that, while useful, is invalid. This means the code will work on some Internet browsers but not all. Webmasters are able to reach a wider audience with this tool in place, because the website will be viewable, regardless of what browser the guest is using.


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