What is a Web Coordinator?

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Someone who manages and directs the activities and traffic on a website is called a web coordinator. This person is generally responsible for all content on the site, as well as for working alongside marketing personnel to drive traffic to the site. He may also manage a team of individuals who work together to build, maintain, plan, and design different aspects of sites, micro-sites, and individual pages.

Working with designers and writers, the web coordinator must choose content for the site that may include pictures, graphics, articles, blogs, and other written and visual communications. At times, it may also be necessary to sponsor web events for potential customers or team members, including web conferences and seminars. Choosing content that will drive traffic, interest buyers or members of the site, and provide valuable information is the web coordinator’s job as well.

The web coordinator must also occasionally update material on the site, such as posting new home pages and landing pages on occasion to go along with current sales, events, and seasons. He generally directs multiple individuals in choosing this content and information, including designers to build the new pages and writers to submit the new content.


Working a web coordinator is much like working as a manager. He must make decisions and direct others on how to implement them. It is also his job to plan and attend all events for new marketing or public relations campaigns. These events can be online events, or they can be live.

One of the most important aspects of working as a web coordinator is interacting with the public. This can include not only the events, but also via email and phone conversations. Not only will this allow the web coordinator to better understand customer needs, but it will allow him to build a network of contacts for future campaigns and emails.

To become a web coordinator, one must have a general understanding of project management, public relations, and how the web works. Gaining these skills can be done through a university, career school, or through on the job training in a related field or fields. One must have organizational skills, along with an ability to interact with the public.

Companies and organizations who hire web coordinators are varied, and may include schools, non-profit organizations, and public relations or marketing firms-among many others. These businesses generally have a message to present to the public, and do so via websites and events.


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Post 5

Just wondering exactly what job title would be given to those who do pretty much the same job except without the responsibility of a webmaster thrown in there.? Basically, someone who is responsible for content but not design.

Post 4

@miriam98 - It varies from one company to the next. Since you’re touching these technologies, they want you to be somewhat conversant. But the webmaster and the graphic designer are two separate responsibilities.

It may be the advertisement you were looking at was for a small business where you have to wear many hats, but the web coordinator is usually just that-a coordinator. His skill is his ability to collaborate with different people to put together a good website for the company.

Post 3

@Mammmood - I don’t know about the jobs that you applied for, but from what I’ve seen, web project coordinator jobs usually did require some web design experience.

It’s not like the webmaster was in his little corner and the web content coordinator was in his, both performing completely different duties.

At least from the listings I’ve ever seen, they want you to know HTML, Drupal (a content management system), some graphic design and possibly even some video experience.

That’s what I’ve read in my job searches, and that’s why I’ve never bothered applying -I’m not a graphic designer.

Post 2

@Charred - I think these jobs lean more heavily on the marketing side of things, too. You often find advertising agencies looking for a web marketing coordinator and there is some overlap with the content coordinator job, with some added responsibilities.

Usually the web marketing coordinator will be expected to run online marketing campaigns involving pay-per-click, create slick marketing content for sites like YouTube, and use SEO strategies to boost a site’s ranking in the search engines.

Like you, I also know this from experience; I applied for a position as a search engine optimization specialist, which was basically a web marketing coordinator position. Those were some of the duties they wanted me to perform.

Post 1

I think another term for a web coordinator is a content manager or a content management specialist. I know, because I applied for such a position once. The job description for web content jobs is intriguing.

You need to work with a content management system to upload new articles to the website. You need some editorial skills to edit articles and make sure they conform to company standards, and you need to coordinate with various writers and developers to come up with new ideas for the website.

I think this kind of job would be ideal for someone who had both development and writing skills (I had both). I never got the job, but I always considered it an ideal career track for me. I don’t want to be a webmaster per se, but a content coordinator would be fun.

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