What is a Waterproof Video Camera?

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A waterproof video camera is a camera that can get wet or be submerged underwater while it records moving images. Although many waterproof video cameras can record underwater, they vary as to the submersion depths, lengths of submersion, and clarity of image. A waterproof video camera is the ideal technology for showing an underwater adventure or wet excursion to friends or family and retaining a memory for the future.

Every waterproof video camera should clearly indicate how deep it can be submerged underwater. While some brands may only be waterproof in five feet (1.53 m) of water, other brands may be waterproof in much deeper depths. Most consumers will be pleased with their waterproof video camera as long as it works well in about 15 feet (4.6 m) of water; however, some people may want much more out of their camera. For those individuals, such as scientists, fisher people, and professional scuba divers, there are cameras that work well in about 1000 feet (304.8 m) of water.

It is important to follow the guidelines before submerging a video camera underwater. If the waterproof video camera is submerged in a depth of water that is deeper than the recommended depth, the pressure of the water may be too much for the camera to resist. As a result of the pressure, the camera may leak and be destroyed.


In addition to depth guidelines, many waterproof video cameras have guidelines for the length of time they can be submerged. For example, one brand of waterproof video camera states that it can only be submerged for 30 minutes. Other brands can last underwater for an hour or longer. There are even some brands are designed to record images underwater on a permanent basis, such as for scientific research.

Although many people purchase a waterproof video camera to record scuba diving, snorkeling, or surfing adventures, some people do not need their video camera to withstand such extreme conditions. For those people a water repellent or water resistant video camera may be a better purchase. Water repellent or resistant cameras will not get ruined during a rainstorm or a snowstorm. They are perfect for recording skiing or snowboarding adventures, as long as the user will not drop them in water or lose them in the snow for an extended period of time.

A waterproof video camera may have the ability to take still-life photography. These dual-use cameras are best for someone who wants to record an activity but still have the capability of printing individual pictures. It is important to read consumer reviews on these dual-use cameras because, in some cases, either the video portion or the still-life portion of the camera may be lacking clarity.


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