What is a Waterproof Lighter?

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Though many a lighter has survived a trip through the washing machine or a heavy rainfall and survived to work again in a few days, people who plan to be outdoors exposed to the elements don’t have time to wait while a lighter dries out. Instead, they need one that will withstand the elements and continue to work. For this reason, there are several manufacturers that make a waterproof lighter. These may differ in design and function, but their main goal is to work even after exposure to the wet, though exactly how much water exposure any one of them can take may be variable.

Since several manufacturers make one or more models of waterproof lighters, the price of these are fairly flexible. Those from camping stores can cost about $50 US Dollars (USD) or more, and a few brands are available that sell for under $10 USD. Customer reviews tend to favor more expensive brands, and many people who use their lighters for camping say its particularly helpful to find lighters that are windproof, since this can help light lanterns or fires in harsher weather.

Some lighters also have a torch design, instead of the traditional cigarette design. This might be useful in lighting fires. It can prevent burning the hands, as hands can be farther away from the flames. Other designs are evocative of the standard cigarette lighter.


Most waterproof lighter styles are waterproofed by having rubber gasket closures that keep the lighter sealed. Obviously, waterproofing ability decreases significantly if any parts of the lighter are kept open for long periods time. In these instances, the lighter might function no better than any other, and there’s a good chance that it will become just as logged with water as any other lighter.

Another thing to note in choosing a waterproof lighter is how fuel is provided for the flame. The majority of styles do not come preloaded with fuel. Instead, people may need to purchase something like butane to fill the lighter. Check with the manufacturer or with packaging to determine which fuel is appropriate.

Those people who already own a lighter have another option in obtaining a waterproof lighter. There are a few companies that make lighter waterproofing cases. Things like a Zippo® can be covered with an OtterBox®. These provide great protection and help people retain their favorite lighter.

There are alternatives to buying a waterproof lighter. People can buy all-weather matches or special fire starting devices that may have some wind or water protection.


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