What is a Water Resistant Radio?

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A water resistant radio is a radio which is designed to resist water intrusion so that it can be used in damp, moist, and wet environments. It is often possible to get a water resistant radio at an electronics store or a store which carries specialty products for people who work outdoors. Such radios are not advertised as waterproof because there is still a potential for damage caused by water exposure which may cause the radio to short out and stop working.

The design of a water resistant radio varies, but as a general rule, the components are shielded to make it harder for water to get inside the radio. The radio may have simplified buttons and controls to reduce the risk of water intrusion, and sometimes it is enclosed in a flexible material which offers water production while allowing people to manipulate the buttons through the material.

For people who spend time outdoors, a water resistant radio can be a valuable tool. Recreational campers, hikers, and boaters can keep track of weather updates and other news with the radio, and may use the radio for communication as well, if it is equipped to transmit. People who work outdoors find such radios extremely useful for keeping track of work sites, communicating with coworkers, and sometimes providing a little bit of music or news to listen to while working.


Athletes sometimes like to use water resistant radios to have something to listen to while jogging or working out. The radio will be able to withstand light drizzle, sweat, and other sources of moisture. Likewise, water resistant radios are used for communications in many wet or potentially wet environments, such as on a farm where people want to be able to talk to each other over the radio and to stay in touch with people who may be out in the fields.

Shower radios are another example of the concept. These radios are designed to be used safely in the bathroom. In addition to functioning through the wet, they will also not expose people to the risk of electric shock, a concern with electrical devices which are utilized in bathrooms. They are usually entirely self-enclosed and powered by batteries for the protection of the user.

The power of a water resistant radio varies. The radio should provide some basic information about range and power which can be used when evaluating whether or not it will be a good purchase. People should remember that environmental factors can impede functions; if a radio says it has a set range, the real range is often smaller in environments like the forest and mountainous regions.


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