What is a Water Pillow?

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Water pillows are bed pillows equipped with an insert that can be filled with water. The main function of the pillow is to provide just the right amount of support for the head and neck while sleeping. Because the amount of liquid contained in the water pillow determines the level of firmness, it is a simple task to adjust the pillow to suit just about anyone.

The water pillow is among the types of pillows that are designed to provide comfort for people suffering with different head and neck issues. Therapeutic pillows of this type help to ease stress on the muscles and bone structure, making it easier for the body to align naturally. At the same time, ergonomic pillows like the water pillow offer support that gently cushions the body and makes it possible to enjoy a good night’s rest and not wake up stiff and sore.

The water cushion contained in a water pillow is normally constructed with high-grade vinyl. A small valve makes it easy to fill the cushion with the desired amount of water. After sealing the valve, the cushion is inserted into the main body of the pillow. Generally, the lining is manufactured using fiberfill, while the shell is composed of hypoallergenic fiber.


A water pillow looks exactly like any standard size bed pillow. A therapeutic pillow like this will easily fit into any pillow cover, and also slide with ease into any pillowcase. It is only when an individual uses the pillow to support the head and neck while lying down or sleeping that the difference becomes apparent.

Because of the ability to adjust the softness or firmness, the pillow is sometimes considered to be a form of orthopedic pillow. As with all types of orthopedic pillows, the water pillow promotes the properly alignment of bones and muscles, reducing stress on the body and in turn promoting good health. The pillow is also often thought of as one type of chiropractic pillows, since the device does help to keep the spine in proper alignment with the head and neck.

A water pillow can be purchased a medical supply stores as well as businesses that sell orthopedic equipment and accessories. Because the materials used to create the pillows are so durable, they will easily last for several years before requiring replacement. While costing slightly more than a good quality bed pillow, the device more than makes up the difference in cost with the level of comfort it provides.


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