What is a Water Hose?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Water hoses are hollow tubes that make it possible to direct the flow of fluids from a source to a destination. Many people think of the garden hose that is used to water plants and lawns around the house as the most common type of water hose. While hoses of this kind are certainly popular, there are a few other models that are utilized in the manufacturing process as well as in fire prevention.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

A basic water hose is composed of a cylindrical body that is somewhat flexible. Several different materials are used in the design of most of these hoses, with nylon, polyurethane and various types of synthetic rubbers being the most common today. However, there are still some hoses that are made with natural rubber. Some designs also call for the use of metal filaments embedded in the material, giving the hose additional strength while not compromising the flexible nature of the device.

Along with the common cylindrical design, some forms of the water hose are designed to lie flat when not in use. Hoses used as part of firefighting equipment are a good example. Often constructed with reinforced nylon blends, the bodies of these hoses are easy to roll and store when not in use, but immediately expand to their full capacity when water is directed through them.

It is not unusual to find different water hose types in common use in manufacturing situations. These hoses are often capable of handing immense amounts of water or other fluid at any given time. The nature of their function makes it necessary to equip the hose with safety features that are above and beyond those common to garden hoses. Often, an industrial strength water hose will feature durable hose couplings, pressure valves, and manual shut-off valves that make it possible to shut down the flow of fluid when and as necessary. These hydraulic hoses may carry water or other fluids of any temperature, making them ideal for use in many different types of manufacturing plants.

While most water hose manufacturers produce products designed to last, there are budget hoses that are normally expected to last no more than a season or two. For people who do very little in the way of watering plants and grass around then home, one of these less expensive designs is likely to serve very well. However, any situation that calls for the flow of water on a recurring basis, such as pressure washing home exteriors or irrigating larger gardens, is normally beyond these cheaper hoses. Investing in a good quality water hose that is reinforced with steel fibers or cording would be a better option.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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