What is a Water Distiller?

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Distilling water removes contaminants such as salts and heavy metals that boiling water leaves behind. When water is distilled, it is heated to its boiling point and the steam is collected. When the steam is converted back to liquid form, the contaminants are left behind, leaving the water pure. Water distillers are available in different sizes, several of which will fit on your countertop. All of them remove approximately 99.5% of the contaminants found in water.

A water distiller will save you a lot of money in bottled water purchases. When purchased individually, an individual bottle of water costs about a dollar or more. A gallon of water, distilled from your own home, averages 25 cents. The initial purchase of a water distiller can cost you between 400 to 650 dollars, but it will quickly pay for itself.

It is very simple to use a water distiller, as it operates much the same as a coffeemaker. To make a gallon of distilled water, fill the boiling vessel with tap water. Press the start button on the water distiller and wait. In a couple of hours the water will be distilled, and ready to drink, in the pitcher. Take the pitcher off the distiller and store the water in the refrigerator.

Salt and calcium that is removed from tap water will build up on the inside of the boiling vessel. It resembles hard, white deposits. Rinsing the vessel out before each use will minimize the build-up, but occasionally a thorough cleaning is required. To clean the water distiller, soak the boiling vessel in a commercial cleaning solution of sulfamic acid, such as those used to clean coffee makers. Allow it to soak overnight, then rinse thoroughly.

Water distillers can also be cleaned with vinegar. Fill the boiling vessel with a solution of one part water to one part vinegar. Allow the vinegar to soak overnight, or longer if necessary, then rinse thoroughly. Never run the water distiller with vinegar or commercial cleaning solution in the boiling vessel, since it will overheat the machine.

The carbon filter, located inside the water distiller, must be replaced every 150( 567.8 liters) to 200 gallons (757.1 Liters) of water. This approximates to be between one to three months, depending upon usage. Replacing the carbon filter is required to completely remove contaminants from the water.

With proper maintenance, your water distiller will operate efficiently for 10 to 15 years. Some water distillers may require you replace the heating element or cooling fan within this time frame. This repair is rather inexpensive in comparison to a new water distiller. Proper cleaning and maintenance goes a long way in extending the life of your water distiller.

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