What Is a Washing Machine Circuit Board?

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A washing machine circuit board is a printed circuit board (PCB) — a board with electrical parts for controlling machines — that often functions like the brain of a washing machine. Nearly every function performed by the washing machine is controlled by the circuit board. The board on simple washing machines just tells the washing machine when to fill with water or rinse clothes, but complex washing machines normally will have more advanced boards. This board is not safe from water and may short out if splashed. Without a circuit board, most washing machines will not be able to function.

Normal washing machines, both consumer and commercial grades, are commonly installed with a washing machine circuit board. The circuit board is responsible for ensuring that the machine carries out all the washing functions correctly, and it also commonly times the functions. Some washing machines do not have a circuit board, but they often are very simple and early models with limited functionality.

A washing machine circuit board can be programmed with varying levels of complexity, depending on the machine with which it is paired. With a simple washing machine, the circuit board will just be responsible for performing the common tasks of rinsing, washing and spinning clothes. More advanced washing machines may require more intensive functions such as moving the clothes from one bay to another or steaming the clothes to better clean them. Regardless of the washing machine’s functions, the circuit board can be programmed to accommodate the features.

The fact that water is used to operate washing machines leaves a chance that the water may spill or overflow, causing the washing machine circuit board to get wet. Circuit boards use electrical parts, though, so the water is capable of shorting out the board and permanently shutting it down. Users should be careful not to get water on this part; a bit should not hurt the board, but a sizeable amount may pose a problem.

As the brain of the washing machine, a washing machine circuit board often is one of the most important parts of this appliance. If the circuit board goes offline, shorts out or otherwise breaks, then the washing machine often will stop working, because it does not know how to perform its functions. This means the circuit board is a critical part that should be replaced as soon as possible after breaking.

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