What is a Wall Scraper?

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Wall scrapers are simple devices that are utilized for removing paint or wallpaper from interior walls. Easy to operate and costing very little, the wall scraper is a common tool used by anyone who works with painting or interior design. There are several different types of scrapers on the market today, with each one configured for specific types of applications.

The straight wall scraper is perhaps the most commonly employed type of scraper. While some of the straight models are made with wooden handles, newer models are constructed with plastics that allow for an increased level of comfort for the user. The blade may be plastic or metal, and usually is in the range of four inches. A straight wall scraper is handy for removing large sections of soaked wallpaper or softened paint from a wall or similar surface.

The curved wall scraper is constructed for detail work. With a slight hook or curve to the blade, this scraper is handy for use in clearing corners and curved surfaces of old paint or wallpaper. The curved wall scraper is also very handy for removing small pieces of wallpaper along baseboards.


While the wall and paint scraper is usually manufactured for use in the hand, there are several models that include a telescoping handle. This extendable handle allows users to remain on the ground while removing softened paint or wallpaper from the upper portions of the wall. Other models of the wall scraper do not telescope, but may include a fitting that allows a threaded dowel to be inserted, so the device can be used for tall jobs without using a ladder.

Just about every hardware or paint store will offer several different versions of the wall scraper. Generally, the scraper will only cost a small amount and will hold up to a fair amount of use. Professional painters will usually make use of several different scrapers in any given job, choosing the type that will work best for the particular task.


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