What is a Wall Grill?

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A wall grill, which is also sometimes spelled "wall grille," is a decorative metal object that is usually made of wrought iron or bronze. In architecture, the grill is often used to protect an opening such as a door or a window. Grills used for these purposes may be quite simple and designed based on functionality alone or they may be highly designed and incorporated into the overall aesthetic of the space or structure to which they are connected. In addition to decorative wall grills, there are some wall grills that are intended to cover vents.

Unlike the kinds of grills that serve a functional purpose as well as, in some cases, an aesthetic purpose, a wall grill is almost always completely decorative in its purpose. Much like framed art, a wall grill is often hung in a manner that complements the other elements in the room such as furniture, appliances, and textiles while also maintaining a kinds of symmetry or purposeful asymmetry with the rest of the objects in the room. It is common for a wall grill to be quite large, so it is common for a wall grill to be hung as a focal point on a wall or in an entire room. Some wall grills are smaller and do not command such attention. Smaller grills can be clustered on the wall to create a larger focal point.


It is most common for a wall grill to be square or rectangular. The wall grill will often have a solid border with scrollwork and designs inside that border. The interior metal work is often much thinner and more delicate than the border of the wall grill. There are also some wall grills that stray from this standard design. For example, some are round and others follow the shape of a scroll or a butterfly.

The wall grills that are on the market today can be divided into two categories: antiques and those that are newly fabricated. In terms of price, the antiques are often more expensive, the price being determined by the size, age, and rarity of the wall grill. Newly fabricated grills are often less expensive, but can still be quite pricey if they are made out of high-quality materials, show a high level of craftsmanship, and are large in size. There are also newly fabricated grills that are quite affordable, priced at under $50 USD (US Dollars).


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