What is a Wall Cabinet?

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The furniture term wall cabinet usually refers to wall-mounted cabinets such as those in kitchens and bathrooms. Freestanding units, such as bookshelves and entertainment shelving pieces that are typically placed in front of walls, usually are not called wall cabinets. A mounted wall cabinet design provides upper storage options on walls while also allowing usable space below.

For instance, wall cabinets in bathrooms usually have a sink and vanity underneath. Bathroom vanities are typically rectangular in shape and have closed shelving. Some modern vanities have a glass top with open shelves. A modern bathroom wall cabinet may also feature open rather than closed shelving.

Bathroom wall cabinet designs are also called medicine cabinets since many people commonly use them for storing medicines as well as health products, such as sunblock and toothpaste. It should be noted that not all medications should be stored in bathroom cabinets due to the warm air created by showers. Prescription medicine labels typically should be read for storage instructions.

Kitchen wall cabinets are also called cupboards. There are many different styles of wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. Cabinet doors may be solid or glass. Mounting hardware differs depending on the wall-mounted cabinet style. For instance, European cabinet hardware typically is designed to not show on cupboard doors, while butterfly door cabinet hinges include metal intricate openwork styles that are meant to be noticed as part of the design.


Quality kitchen and bathroom wall cabinet choices can add to the value of a home. It is often said that kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms that are the most influential when it comes to potential homebuyers making a decision. The spaciousness or light in the rooms are not the only factors that play a part in this decision, but room features such as wall cabinets do, too. Durable and beautiful hardwood wall cabinets such as oak or cherry are much sought after by homebuyers.

Although wall cabinets are typically found in bathrooms and kitchens, they can be located in other parts of a home, as well. For example, cabinets may be installed above a washer and dryer in a laundry area as an alternative to open-wire shelving. Detergents and other laundry supplies might look neater behind closed cabinet doors than on open shelves. Wall-mounted cabinets may also be installed over a work bench area to neatly store woodworking and other project supplies. When choosing a wall cabinet design for any room, durability, such as resistance to scratches and dents, typically should be considered.


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