What is a Walker Bag?

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A walker bag is an accessory, similar to a tote, that allows the user to carry various items. It can be used in place of a handbag by someone who needs both hands to walk with a walker. When using a walker bag, the individual's hands are free to securely hold the walker. The walker bag or pouch generally is attached to the front of the walker. Many walker bags have storage pockets and come in various sizes, colors, and patterns.

To be easily accessible for the elderly or those with limited mobility, a walker bag typically fastens to a walker using easy-to-grasp hooks, fasteners, or buttons. These bags may be made from various materials. Most walker bags look like over-sized tote bags and may come in denim, canvas, or cotton styles. Corduroy is also popular. Prints, stripes, solids, and other various patterns may be used.

There are patterns available for the individual who would prefers to sew her own walker bag by hand or with a sewing machine. Kits may also be available at craft stores. By searching the Internet, it may be possible to learn how to hand sew a walker bag from simple household materials.


Walker accessories may vary in size. These may range from a large sized tote bag to a small pouch. The large bag can typically hold bulkier items, such as books, magazines, and even groceries. A pouch, however, is generally used for carrying smaller personal belongings such as keys, glasses, or a wallet.

Some walker bags have compartments to store items. In some cases, the pockets may be transparent to enable the individual to see what's inside. It may feature zippered or Velcro® fasteners. Some are machine washable.

Customized walker bags may be personalized. This may include embroidered stitching in the design of initials or a name. This adds a personal touch to the bag. Quilted or patchwork designs can readily be found. Monogrammed bags may be found online, or by looking through specialty shops.

In addition to walker bags and pouches, there are baskets that use same concept. A walker basket may be made from wicker or other materials. As an added accessory, there are basket liners that add versatility, allowing for pockets for storage.

Alternately, a small carry-on type bag that may mount to the side of the walker can be another option. Many of these feature bottle holders that easily detach for added versatility. Some designs are waterproof as well.


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