What is a Walk Station?

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Walk stations are essentially computer work stations that make it possible to exercise while still handling work related tasks. Essentially marrying a treadmill to a computer, the walk station allows people to enjoy a simple and evenly paced walk while still dealing with email, attending web conferences or entering information into a database. This concept of a treadmill work station has already been introduced in the United States and a few other countries.

The idea behind the walk station is to eliminate one of the disadvantages associated with using a computer. Traditionally, users are in a sitting position when making use of any desktop or laptop system. For persons who work with a computer all day, this means little to no movement out of the chair for hours on end. The end result is a more sedentary lifestyle and the potential for developing a number of physical ailments.

Also known as a treadputer, the walk station seeks to correct this situation. By allowing persons to step onto the treadmill and walk a mile or more at an even pace, while still accessing emails and performing work related tasks, the device helps to promote a higher quality of health. The employee can still complete tasks in a timely manner, but will have the advantage of a reasonable physical workout at the same time.


Along with the physical benefits, there are those that promote the idea that treadputers also can provide mental stimulation as well. The physical movement that is made possible by a walk station helps the body to release endorphins and thus enhance the mood of the employee. Happy employees are usually more productive and also tend to be more creative in the workplace. This makes the idea of the walk station very attractive to businesses with a progressive attitude.

The walk station may also be helpful around the house. Adults who use a home computer a lot can combine a half hour of walking at a decent pace with surfing the Internet. Children who love to play games online can continue to do so while getting in a health walk period.

At present the price tag for the few examples of the walk station on the market are cost prohibitive for many homes and even small businesses. However, as the concept gains more attention, the device is likely to go into mass production and gradually become more affordable.


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Forget mass production. How many people have a treadmill hanging around their house? Lots. And if you don't have one, you can mostly likely find one at a yard sale. Just get a shelf and maybe some brackets at Home Depot and voila!

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