What is a WAG Bag&Reg;?

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For anyone who enjoys spending weekends in the great outdoors, taking along a WAG bag® or two is an excellent idea. More properly known as a waste alleviation and gelling bag, the purpose of the device is to provide a sanitary way to dispose of human waste when there is not a running toilet available. Here is some information about how the WAG bag® works, and how the bags can be used in a number of travel and outdoor settings.

Waste alleviation and gelling bags allow hikers to properly dispose of the human waste they create on the trail.
Waste alleviation and gelling bags allow hikers to properly dispose of the human waste they create on the trail.

The WAG bag® functions with a double bag system. All the components of the WAG bag® are constructed of high quality puncture resistant materials. The outer bag has a secure zip top that creates an airtight seal when in the closed position. The inner WAG bag® contains a gelling powder that is usually referred to as Pooh Powder. This powder immediately begins to gel the waste while neutralizing the odor. The components of Pooh Powder are not toxic and are highly biodegradable. One of the advantages of using a WAG bag® containing this powder is that the decay process is accelerated, with both the bag and the waste being completely decayed in a matter of months. Perfectly hygienic, the neither the powder or the WAG bag® contains any type of perfumes, so persons with allergies can use the bags with confidence.

The WAG bag® is an excellent item to include with any type of hiking or camping gear. The bags weigh almost nothing, and will slip into a backpack with ease. Using a WAG bag® requires no special equipment at all. For people that prefer to take along a camping vehicle, the WAG bag® can be used in conjunction with the any of the folding toilets on the market today, or even with a camper toilet that does not have a water source for flushing. Along with being a great addition to backpacking and camping gear, the WAG bag® can be helpful around the home. Should a plumbing emergency dictate that the water is shut off for a time, the WAG bag® can easily be used with a home toilet as well.

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When disposing of a WAG bag®, the airtight construction makes it perfectly safe to toss the bags into any garbage receptacle. Once at a landfill, the bags and their contents will completely denigrate in about eight months, leaving behind no chemical residue to pollute the environment. As a safe, hygienic, and environmentally responsible way to deal with waste processing while enjoying the outdoors, the WAG bag® is a great solution.

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Nice write up on the Wag Bag. They work just like you described. However they are kind of difficult to use if you do not carry around a bucket to sit on. In fact, spreading the bag on the ground and aiming at it can get messy. They also tend to stink after a day or two which is very unpleasant for everyone.

I have started using the Biffy Bag disposable toilet and I think it is a better product. It is odor proof, you get lots of toilet paper, the wet wipe is twice the size and it doesn't need a bucket to use it. In fact, it is made to be used without a bucket. Incredible device. Someone should write an article about them. Look up the Biffy Bag and you will see what I am talking about.

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