What is a Wading Pool?

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A wading pool is a shallow pool, usually intended for children. As the name implies, it is designed for wading because it is not deep enough for actual swimming. In general, these are easily cared for and are a good option for someone who wants a simple option for occasionally cooling off. Some are large enough for adults to use, but most wading pools are meant to be used by young children, which is why they are often referred to as kiddie pools.

These shallow pools have several advantages. For example, an outdoor wading pool can provide fun and relief from the hot weather. With supervision, babies and toddlers who do not yet know how to swim can enjoy spending time in the water. Caretakers can sit in or near the pool, and enjoy it with the children.

A hard plastic wading pool is usually the most basic, and often the least expensive, option. Traditionally round in shape, most of them are also easy to set up and clean. They are even popular with many pet owners, who prefer to use durable pools such as these for their dogs.


An inflatable wading pool, on the other hand, is typically constructed of soft plastic. It is usually available in various shapes and sizes. Some larger models have more than one section, and are actually themed play areas that might include built-in slides or sprinklers. Small pools normally require only a tire pump to inflate them, while larger versions might come with an air compressor.

To set up a wading pool, all that is usually required is some level outdoor ground and access to water to fill it. Most people find them convenient, since they are small and can be stored relatively easily when not in use. An inflatable pool might be a bit easier to store than a hard plastic one, since it can be completely deflated. In addition, many wading pools come with a repair kit for patching any punctures or tears.

Once someone is done using the pool, many are light enough that they can be flipped over and emptied. If pool owner prefers to conserve water by not emptying and filling it repeatedly, then he or she can clean the water with a skimmer and some pool sanitizing solution, and then cover the whole thing. To clean an empty pool, one could simply wash it with water and a mild cleaning solution or soap.


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Post 2

One of my favorite memories as a kid was when my uncle set up our slip and slide when the family was altogether for us and our cousins to use.

He set it up down a slope that ran alongside our house.

First he removed any rocks he could find, then he put a large wading pool down the bottom of the slide. I think he dug out a bit of a hole so that the slide went straight into the pool.

Then he and my other uncles "tried it out" for us.

They eventually let the kids have a go as well, but that wasn't nearly as much fun as watching them relive their childhoods!

This is definitely a good item to pack if you are going to a family reunion in the summer.

Post 1

A few years ago when my family had a few acres we got some piglets for the kids to raise. The piglets ended up using the children's wading pool more than the children did!

In fact we used that pool for livestock quite a bit, because it was a hot summer. It was good for the ducks because it was easier to fish out the ducklings when they got tired than wade into the pond to get them. The piglets used it to cool off when they got too hot and the kids would splash in there with them. The dog used it to cool off as well, although the cat never got into the mood!

I don't think it lasted much as a place the kids could play after that summer, as with all the different demands it eventually got a few holes in the bottom. But it was really fun while it lasted.

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