What is a VOIP Headset?

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A VoIP headset works with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. VoIP is technology that utilizes the Internet to make and receive phone calls. Where, at one time, phone call communication was confined to calls placed through traditional phone lines, VoIP has made it possible for those with the appropriate software to communicate without using traditional methods. By using VoIP software and accessories, costs can be reduced and the need for traditional phone lines can be nearly or completely eliminated.

Generally, calls made through VoIP are assumed to take place from computer to computer, as it is the most popular means of VoIP communication. When this occurs, connections are made and transferred through computer systems, in essence, linking one computer to another for the duration of the call. Advances in the technology have made it possible for those who use VoIP to call landlines- physical and traditional phone lines that work over ground circuits, thereby making a connection between a computer and a regular phone possible. In addition, users of VoIP can also call owners of cell phones.


The reach of VoIP has expanded and VoIP can now be installed in homes and used in conjunction with traditional phones with the application of a small adapter. This means that a cordless phone can be easily configured to work with VoIP. However, those who wish to make their VoIP phone even more mobile may opt to purchase a VoIP headset. Headsets come with small earpieces that can be inserted into the ear and a mini-microphone that can be clipped or worn closely to the mouth. These things allow the user of VoIP to move around his house without being encumbered by the use of speakers or microphones on a computer.

Wearers of headsets are afforded the ability to take the conversation anywhere they choose. Another advantage of using a VoIP headset is that it allows the user some privacy. Where computer speakers and microphones may require that the caller publicize the conversation, using a VoIP headset means that the wearer can keep conversations confidential and at a desirable volume.

People who may benefit from using a VoIP headset are those who require hands-free communication, like those who multi-talk or wish to work while speaking. If the headset is worn all the time, phone calls can be answered when they occur and with little wait time. Given these advantages, many businesses consider investing in VoIP headsets for their employees a necessity.


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