What Is a Vodka Spritzer?

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A vodka spritzer is an alcoholic beverage made by mixing vodka, club soda, and some form of flavoring. Likely inspired by the popular wine spritzer, the vodka spritzer gets its name from the German verb spritzen, which means to splash or squirt. By consuming a drink that is watered down in a sense, people can moderate their consumption of alcohol. This drink also serves as a low-calorie alternative to many other alcoholic concoctions, which can help people who are on a diet or trying to stay healthy.

To make a vodka spritzer, bartenders start by adding a serving of vodka to a glass. A single serving generally consists of roughly 1.5 ounces (45 ml), while a double serving is twice that amount. The bartender then adds some form of mixer, which may consist of sparkling water, seltzer, club soda or soda water. Variations of this recipe may also call for sparkling lemonade or sweetened lemon-lime sodas in place of traditional mixers.

Finally, the drink is flavored to taste. Beverage makers produce dozens of different flavored vodkas, which can be used in place of traditional vodka to add different flavors to this drink. They may include sour apple, peach or pomegranate, as well as many other variations. The vodka spritzer can also be flavored with fruit juice, or slices of lemon or lime. More exotic varieties require the use of berries, apple slices or even mint for flavor.


Choosing a drink like the vodka spritzer allows a person to drink for a longer period without getting as intoxicated as he would with straight liquor or beer. This can help people drink and behave more responsibly, and also maintain a healthy diet. While many popular cocktails are high in calories, a single vodka spritzer made with club soda and lime has just over 100 calories. Both plain versions and those made with flavored vodkas are also free of carbohydrates, which is helpful for those following a low-carb diet plan.

Of course, as with all alcoholic beverages, the vodka spritzer should be consumed only in moderation. Experts recommend women drink no more than one serving of alcohol per day, while men should consume no more than two servings. A single serving consists of 1.5 ounces (45 ml) of spirits, such as vodka. This means that women should have no more than one of these drinks each day, while men should have no more than two in order to maintain optimal health.


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Post 5

I am all about the vodka spritzer with squeeze of lemon or lime juice. It is simple, elegant and not too sweet -- something worth savoring.

I use fine vodka, perrier and a squeeze of lemon or lime. I serve it on the rocks in a low ball glass or high ball -- great with or without ice. Tres Magnifique!

Post 4

@GiraffeEars- Another option is to dilute the juices in a sweet cocktail with seltzer water. This will turn any vodka recipe into a lighter, bubblier version of itself. It’s a great way to keep yourself in pool shape without missing out on the pool parties during the summer.

Post 3

@fiorite- I know of a number of simple vodka drinks that are a variation of a vodka spritzer. Most of these drinks are only mildly sweet, making them perfect for those who enjoy something crisp yet flavorful.

One of my favorites is a citrus fizz. The drink is very refreshing on a hot sunny day, and is perfect for lounging poolside. To make the drink simply mix a double of premium citrus vodka with five ounces of lemonade, pour over ice, hit it with a splash of club soda, and top with a lemon wheel.

Vodka martinis also make a nice change of pace from a vodka tonic, and are not always loaded with sugar. I have had tasty ginger, lychee, and blood orange martinis that are more alcohol than anything else. You can also make sparkling vodka martinis with sparkling juices, champagne, seltzer or club soda.

Post 1

This sounds like such an easy vodka drink to make. I am a big fan of vodka tonics, but sometimes I would like something different. I prefer vodka because I never get a hangover when I drink it, but most of the mixed drinks containing vodka are too sweet for my taste. I will have to try making vodka spritzers next time...maybe something with grapefruit and pomegranate. Does anyone else have any ideas for a vodka drink that is tasty, but not overly sweet?

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