What is a Vitamin D Lamp?

S. Gonzales

A vitamin D lamp is a device that emits light that is similar to sunlight. The sun's rays can promote the production of vitamin D in the body, so these lamps are used by consumers to raise their vitamin D levels. These lamps can be a great option for those who aren't able to sit outside during the day, have trouble ingesting vitamin D supplements or live in areas where sunlight is limited by cloud cover or fewer daylight hours.

A vitamin D lamp mimics the effects of sunlight.
A vitamin D lamp mimics the effects of sunlight.

Traditionally, sunlight has been thought to be one of the best natural sources of vitamin D. Many people, however, find it difficult to get enough sunlight exposure because of lifestyle and work habits or even geographic location. An intolerance to vitamin D supplements can also send people to look for a new way to increase their vitamin D levels. For many of these people, a vitamin D lamp is the answer. It's a small, metal device that appears similar to a heater but emits ultraviolet (UV) light that can increase vitamin D production in the skin.

A vitamin D lamp may be used to treat seasonal affective disorder.
A vitamin D lamp may be used to treat seasonal affective disorder.

One advantage of investing in a vitamin D lamp is that it can be used within the comfort of a consumer's home. Using the lamp also affords a consumer a certain amount of privacy. For example, doctors might suggest that patients go outside and expose as much of their skin as they can while under the sun's rays. By using a vitamin D lamp indoors, a person can disrobe as much as he or she pleases without having to worry about privacy issues.

Vitamin D lamps can come equipped with timers to ensure that a person gets enough light treatment to see results. A popular increment of time with these devices is 15 minutes, and consumers are likely to come across lamps that allow them to set exposure for this amount of time. When the timer is set, a lamp can automatically turn off after the specified amount of time has elapsed.

Although vitamin D lamps can closely mimic the sun's rays, using a vitamin D lamp does not result in tanning. Vitamin D lamps can come in a variety of designs, including table-top and floor-stand varieties. Protective eye wear can also come included with the lamp. Consumers who use vitamin D lamps might see improvement in the health of their bones, heart and mental state. Usage of the lamp can make skin disorders more manageable and decrease the risk of cancer and autoimmune disorders.

A lack of sunlight during the winter months may cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
A lack of sunlight during the winter months may cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

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There is an FDA tested Vitamin D Lamp that is proven effective. It has high UVB output and Vitamin D sessions last only five minutes. It's called The Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F and its made by an American company, Sperti.


I am looking to buy a Vitamin D lamp because I live at 53N latitude. I don't get any vitamin D from September till April (seven months), so if anyone can give me some names of a good vitamin D lamp or a link, it would be greatly appreciated.


Fifteen minutes is the same amount of time that most doctors suggest you spend in natural sunlight. This lamp must be very similar to the real thing.

Thankfully, I live in an area where the average winter temperature is 50 degrees, and we get plenty of sun. However, if I lived somewhere where this was not an option, I would definitely invest in a vitamin D lamp.

Has anyone here ever had side effects from using the lamp? I know that they are not supposed to tan your skin, but if you use them for longer than fifteen minutes at a time, does something bad happen?


@shell4life – I go a step further. I actually bring my lawn chair into my room, put on my swimsuit and shades, and sip a drink while soaking up the vitamin D.

I think that creating the whole summertime outdoor environment helps my state of mind. Being in a swimsuit exposes more of my skin to the lamp, so I can better absorb the vitamin D.

My sister finds the way I use the lamp humorous. She uses hers in her living room fully clothed, though, and I know she isn't getting the full benefits that way.


I have a vitamin D lamp mounted above my bed. I like to soak up its rays after work. I pretend that I am outside in a lawn chair, and I distract myself from the truth by reading a magazine.

It's very easy to read in the bright light of this lamp. The light is more white than yellow, so it is intense. I definitely could not fall asleep with this lamp on.

Since I have gotten the lamp, I have had less joint pains and illnesses. My mother thinks it's just a bunch of hype and people have brainwashed themselves into believing that it works, but I know that I feel so much better because I've been using it daily.


Vitamin D lamps are expensive, but for people like me who live where the winters are very harsh, they can be worth a lot. Last winter, I became so depressed that I could barely function. That's when I discovered this lamp.

I can keep it on my desk and turn it on while I check my email in the morning. I put it off to one side, so the light doesn't blind me.

It's really good for helping me wake up, too. Since it mimics sunlight, it gives my brain the signal that it is time to become alert and active for the day. When I drink coffee at the same time, the effect intensifies.

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