What is a Vitalize Chemical Peel?

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A vitalize chemical peel is a skincare product that is used to achieve smoothness and even toning; also, the peels aim to rejuvenate skin from aging and the effects of the environment. It generally is considered a safe chemical peel but is not available over the counter. Vitalize chemical peel is only sold to physicians and is usually applied by a dermatologist. The main ingredients include beta-hydroxy acids, alpha-hydroxy acids, retinoic acid, and resorcinol.

To use a vitalize chemical peel, the skin typically needs to be natural and free of other chemicals before application. Accutane®, a vitamin A acne treatment, should not be used six months to a year before using a vitalize chemical peel. Less powerful vitamin A creams, such as Differin®, Retin-A®, Tazorac®, and Renova®, should not be used two weeks before or after the peel. Two to four weeks before using the peel, a person should not tan, exfoliate, use electrolysis, or apply depilatory treatments to the area receiving the peel.


The effects of vitalize chemical peel should be noticeable after just one session but may require multiple peels for a major difference. Pain during the treatment typically is considered mild and the cost of the chemical peel is considered slightly lower than average. The side effects of the chemical peel exfoliation are typically considered mild with tingling, slight redness, and flaking in some patients. There typically is no downtime involved; patients usually may return to a normal lifestyle immediately following the facial peel procedure.

A vitalize chemical peel usually takes less than 20 minutes to perform. Generally, the treatments should be spaced out two to four weeks apart. The average client should notice major results after four treatments and should not need a chemical peel for a few years.

Effects typically last several years for most people and have been thought to be permanent in some cases. Laser skin therapy can be used in conjunction with a vitalize chemical peel to fix major skin defects, such as heavy acne scarring. A moisturizer typically will be prescribed after the facial chemical peel treatment to reduce peeling and flaking the first three days.

After each treatment, it usually is necessary to keep things like acne outbreaks under control to maximize the long-lasting effects of vitalize chemical peel. The smoother skin after the treatment may still be damaged by the environment, such as the sun. Some of the beneficial side effects are tightened pores and healthier-looking skin.


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Post 3
@SarahGen-- A vitalize chemical peel is a very strong peel. Why don't you try a milder peel first like a salicylic or glycolic acid chemical peel?
Post 2

@SarahGen-- Yes, vitalize chemical skin peel works. I had it done last year and it reduced the appearance of my wrinkles. I think I look at least five years younger. The results last for a long time too, it's still going for me.

The only downsides to this peel is that it takes a while for skin to recover. In my case it was about a month and a half. My skin peeled a lot and it was very irritated and dry for three weeks.

If your dermatologist has experience with this peel, I'm sure you'll be fine. But be prepared for the dryness and irritation. Use lots of moisturizer during this time.

Post 1

I saw some amazing before and after photos of vitalize chemical peel at my dermatologist's office. I'm seriously considering having it done. I think it's a bit expensive but if it makes me look younger, then I think it's worth it.

Has anyone here had this peel? Did it work for you? Did you have any bad side effects?

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