What Is a Virtual Sales Assistant?

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A virtual sales assistant is a person who handles a variety of sales support tasks virtually, such as generating and following up on leads, keeping records, and providing customer support. This means the person hired for this job does not perform tasks in a building maintained by his employer, and he doesn't usually interact with customers face to face. Instead, he typically handles his duties remotely, such as by using Internet programs, telephones, and fax lines. Additionally, the bulk of his interaction with customers and contacts generally takes place via Internet messaging, email, and web conferencing.

An individual may consider hiring a virtual sales assistant for a variety of reasons. For example, he might need help on a part-time rather than a full-time basis and determine that hiring a virtual assistant will prove a better option. In some cases, he might choose this option to keep his expenses to a minimum — he may not be required to contribute to expenses such as medical insurance and unemployment for someone who works virtually, for instance. He can also save the money he would normally spend ensuring that his new hire had a suitable place to work, a computer, and any other necessary equipment. Additionally, an employer may decide that a virtual professional makes a good choice when he needs assistance with the sales and leads he generates across the country or around the world.


The job of a virtual sales assistant is similar to that of a regular assistant, with the exception that he doesn't perform his work from a set physical location. Instead, he usually works from his own home or office, using computers, the Internet, phones, and fax lines to communicate with employers and sales contacts. For example, if a sales assistant has the job of following up on a company's sales leads, he may do so via email, phone, or fax.

The tasks a person has to perform as a virtual sales assistant may depend on the particular needs of the person who hires him. In many cases, however, his responsibilities will include generating sales leads or following up on leads his employer provides. He may also answer question, record concerns, provide general sales support, and attempt to help close his employer's sales deals. A virtual sales assistant might also handle telephone and Internet marketing tasks; produce a variety of sales reports; and monitor customers, clients, and contacts.


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