What is a Virtual Office?

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If you work from your home utilizing a computer, modem, fax machine, email or other electronic means to perform your job and communicate with your place of employment, you work in a virtual office. In other words, you're telecommuting. Even though a virtual employee may use a company email address, mailing address and phone extension, he still works from an outside location.

A virtual office doesn't necessarily have to be a room in a person's home, however. A laptop in a hotel or even at the beach will do. In most cases, a person who works from this type of office is set up thanks to his place of employment. All equipment belongs to the home office and must be returned upon termination from that company.

The virtual office worker doesn't necessarily need to be an employee. He can also be someone who owns his own business and works from his home or on the road via laptop and wireless connection. The owner of the office can also be an independent contractor or freelance worker, with no ties to one specific place of business.

The benefits of a virtual office are many. For instance, many overhead costs, such as electricity, are cut out or kept to a minimum for the company with virtual empployees. Telecommuting also eliminates crowded offices. As an added benefit, the virtual employee may agree to lower pay in exchange for the ability to work out of his home.


Working in an office of this kind cuts out a frustrating commute. A virtual office worker can work in pajamas or sweats if he's so inclined, eliminating the cost of a pricey business wardrobe. Expenses such as office supplies can either be billed back to the home office or written off on his taxes. Telecommuting may even eliminate the expense of day care or a full time baby sitter. The virtual employee is able to work without the distractions of a busy office. He won't be interrupted by a coworker's phone calls, office gossip, or a last minute meeting.

There are downsides to a virtual office as well. Working by one's self is lonely and many virtual employees miss the camaraderie of an office. There are also many distractions at home, such as the refrigerator, the telephone, the Internet, the kids, and neighborhood affairs. It takes a disciplined person to be able to work in a virtual atmosphere.

If a virtual office sounds like it would be a good idea for your situation, you'd be well advised to do all the necessary research. Setting up a virtual office can be expensive since you'll need all the necessary hardware and software. It would also be a good idea to research the tax implications for both the employer and employee. In most cases, however, the benefits far outweigh the risks.


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Post 6

Nice article!!

Post 2

Sneakers41- I can relate.I also have a laptop and an all in one printer that faxes and scans as well. It was not too expensive as I got my all-in-one at Best Buy on sale.

The only drawback to having a virtual office is that it does get a little lonely because you are not interacting with an office staff.

But the benefits of having a virtual office far outweigh the drawbacks. For example, if to run an errand I can. I don’t have to wait until a lunch break like you would in a traditional work environment.

Post 1

Great article- I have to add that having a virtual office is fantastic for the very reasons that you mention.

You can work basically anywhere as long as you have a laptop and a network card with a data service plan. You can also work early in the morning or late at night. I prefer working early in the morning. I usually start my day at 4:00AM.

Everything is so quiet and I can get a lot of work done. I feel great to know that when my kids get up I have already put in half of my work day.

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