What is a Virtual Dialer?

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A virtual dialer is a communications tool used by customer service employees such as virtual receptionists, call center agents, or telemarketing service representatives which give them the ability to perform outbound telephone calls without entering a telephone number for each call. This electronic device can be programmed to call a telephone number by pressing a specific button. By using an automatic dialing system to automatically communicate between any two points in a telephone network, the customer service agent can wait until he/she hears a predetermined response before handling the telephone call.

Virtual dialers can provide multiple software options such as understanding a live person, busy signals, and reaching a voice mail system. For instance, the dialer can be programmed to keep dialing a busy signal until a live person answers. Also, the telephone menus can provide the option to be placed on the "Do Not Call" list and avoid the possibility of a company receiving penalties. A schedule system can show the exact date and time a telephone call was placed and if the call was properly handled per company guidelines.


Cost-effective advantages are obtained when using a virtual dialer. Productivity is increased since limited repetitive telephone calls are made by the customer service staff in a call center. The call center staff can be assigned to various client accounts during a scheduled work shift instead of a small number of clients. Automatic dialing software prices can range in cost and the length of service based on a company's particular needs.

There are different uses for a virtual dialer. A prerecorded message can be played using a virtual dialer until a connection is established and a potential client can listen to a list of menu choices before responding. This is a common choice for sales leads such as insurance leads, mortgage leads, and real estate leads to allow a potential client the chance to learn more about a company's products and services. This would reduce a company's expenses since a targeted client list is established for future marketing campaigns.

Another option for a virtual dialer is a small business such as a flower shop, professional organizer, or restaurant who rents to a potential list of customers to increase holiday business. Multiple telephone numbers may be called at one time until a client picks up his/her telephone and a company representative explains any holiday discounts.

Using a virtual dialer saves an organization time and money which can allow it to streamline operations and invest in more staff and technology and compete effectively in a global marketplace.


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