What is a Video Wrist Watch?

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A video wrist watch is a watch that allows people to view videos, by containing memory storage space and ability to download files in formats like MP3. Alternately, these timepieces have features that allow people to record video, and then upload their recordings.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

As the ability to add memory to something as small as a wristwatch has expanded, the possibilities of how watches can be used has certainly changed. Watch functionality has been combined with cellphones, music players, or other devices. Clearly, the video wrist watch was an inevitable development, and buzz began to form about these multi-function accessories in the early 2000s. It took a few more years for models to have comparable features to things like MP3 players and smartphones, but now a number of them still exist on the market.

The simplest video wrist watch doubles as a music player with enough memory to play videos. This makes it easy for people to catch up on their favorite show while heading home on a long train ride, or perhaps to view movie previews while at lunch. The view screen of these watches is certainly small, but many face types are rectangular shaped instead of round, and they may be about the size of some of the earlier iPod® screens. Some people find this space too small and prefer a cellphone, or other viewing device that is easier to visualize. Most of the watches don’t just play videos, but also play music, and may have additional accessories like headphones.

Though prices can change, average price of the video wrist watch is less than $100 US Dollars (USD), and people need only determine if video viewing in a watch is really needed. The resolution and memory space is about the same as that for smartphones and MP3 players, but some people may like combining all these features in a single device worn around the wrist. As yet, most of the styles appear relatively masculine and are rather large, so these watches may most appeal to men.

A variation on the video wrist watch is one where people can take video with it or take pictures. Depending on how the watch is designed, it might have to be removed to access this feature or it may not have much of a lens in which to determine that pictures taken are accurate. Some of these watches are deliberately marketed as spy gear, and they usually look like a simple wristwatch instead of appearing to be a camera. Others more obviously display their functions.

A spy gadget video wrist watch can cost several hundred USD. Those types less intended for espionage cost between $100-$200 USD. It’s not always the case that these camcorder watches will also play video or be useful for downloading music.

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Haven't these pretty well evolved into smartwatches? That would seem to be the case, even though smartwatches haven't exactly caught on with the public and the technology for them is just emerging.

Anyway, to heck with all of that. Where's my Dick Tracy, two-way wrist TV watch?

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