What Is a Vertical Spray Bidet?

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A bidet is a device that is used to clean a person’s genital and rectal areas after he has used the toilet. Many countries use this kind of device to enhance personal hygiene. There are two basic types of bidets: horizontal spray bidets and vertical spray bidets. As its name indicates, a vertical spray bidet shoots water up like a fountain. The spray is located in the center of the unit.

Traditionally, this cleaning device would be installed beside or near a toilet, making it easy for a person to use it after he was done going to the bathroom. A modern bidet is typically built into the toilet. This alternative saves room in a person’s bathroom and costs less to install. It also allows a person to get clean without having to move off of the toilet seat.

Controlling a vertical spray bidet is usually simple. Levers or nozzles are generally located on the side of the unit, allowing a person to adjust the strength of the spray to what he needs. Many modern styles also have the ability to use water massage, have heated seats, and even provide dyers with warm air. The temperature of the water can also be adjusted to make it comfortable for any person that is using it.


Women who have just given birth to a child may find the use of a vertical spray bidet helpful. People who have hemorrhoids or sensitive skin can also benefit from these devices. These kinds of bidets allow for gentle, thorough cleaning of the genitals and rectum, without using harsh soaps and abrasive toilet paper.

Many people who use the vertical spray bidet fear that debris that is washed off will drop down into the jet and could then be sprayed back up onto the body. Several manufacturers have taken this into consideration, and a lot of the fountains will spray again after a person is done using it. This final spray of water cleans out the jet.

In order to use a vertical spray bidet, a person must situate himself over it so that the spray reaches the correct regions. Dual nozzles are often available for women to use to help avoid spraying stool into the vaginal area. Splashing may occur while a person is getting used to using vertical spray bidets, but with patience and practice, this will typically happen less often.


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