What Is a Veil Comb?

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A veil comb is a comb that is attached to a veil and placed in the hair to keep the veil on top of the wearer's head. Veil combs usually are used by brides on their wedding days. These combs are commonly available in plastic or metal, and the type of veil comb chosen can depend on hair thickness, texture and veil size. Veil combs can come already attached to veils, or they can be purchased separately and sewn onto a veil to save money.

Both plastic and metal combs can come slightly curved for a more natural fit around the head. Generally, extra layers on a veil will require extra length on the comb. Additionally, veils that have multiple layers can be worn well with combs that have fabric hook-and-loop fasteners on them, since the fasteners will allow brides to attach or detach layers throughout their weddings and receptions.

Many people find that plastic veil combs are better suited to fine hair than metal combs are. Plastic combs also are capable of successfully holding the veil in place if the wearer has straight hair. Metal combs can hold large veils because of their weight and fullness. Combs made out of metal can be a smart choice for brides who have thick or curly hair or who intend to use many bobby pins in their bridal hairstyle.


Despite the veil comb's purpose of keeping the veil on top of the head, veil combs have reputations for easily slipping out of the hair. The length of the hair doesn't seem to factor into the slippage as much as hair styling and the hair products that were used. If a bride anticipates having trouble keeping the comb in place, she should consider having her hair done by a professional hair stylist who has experience styling the hair of brides. If a bride is intent on doing her own hair, she should consider using products that will make her hair stiff. Soft and silky hair will encourage the comb to slip off the bride's hair.

Although it is a small item that is meant to be attached to an object that is more beautiful, a veil comb still can be expensive. Many shoppers who are looking to purchase a veil comb are often surprised by the price tags that accompany them in stores. Consumers who want to save money might consider attaching a veil comb to a veil on their own to save money. This process, however, can require some amount of skill in sewing and a familiarity with certain types of stitching.


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Most of the veil combs I've seen attach to the veil with little white elastic loops. That way, the comb isn't really visible, but stays in place nicely.

In this day when veils are not usually attached to the headpiece, the veil comb has to be one that will stay in the hair, since it doesn't have the anchor of the headpiece to help. I do remember brides in the 70s wearing the "juliet" cap that had to be secured with a comb on the inside of the cap.

Hairspray probably helps as much as anything to secure the comb in place.

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