What Is a Vegetarian Roast?

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A vegetarian roast is one that is prepared using absolutely no meat. Since it is vegetarian and not vegan, a veggie roast can include certain animal by-products like eggs, cheese, and milk. Typically, such roasts substitute meat with ingredients like lentils, nuts, and rice, though most recipes do use the same kinds of spices and seasonings. Most commercial food companies that cater to vegetarian products provide an assortment of ready-made meals, and depending on the company a vegetarian might be able to purchase a pre-packaged vegetarian roast. For those who prefer homemade foods, numerous recipes for veggie roasts exist among the vegetarian community, including websites and cookbooks.

Like a vegan diet, a vegetarian diet can include no meat. Unlike a vegan diet, however, a vegetarian diet usually allows for certain animal by-products. There are several different kinds of vegetarian diets, and understanding these diets helps one understand the ingredients a particular vegetarian roast can include. For example, an ovo-lacto-vegetarian can eat a veggie roast that includes eggs and dairy products, while an ovo-vegetarian can eat one with eggs and a lacto-vegetarian can eat one with dairy products. Depending on her own vegetarian lifestyle, a vegetarian must pay close attention to the ingredients of a veggie roast, especially if that roast is store-bought rather than homemade.


Many companies that concentrate on vegetarian products provide ready-made foods like vegetarian roast. These foods are pre-made and pre-packaged, and typically require little to no prep work on the customer’s part. Similar to any other kind of food, pre-made dishes or meals are convenient for cooks who do not have much time to prepare a meal. Major holidays, special gatherings, and important events are instances when some cooks find they are rushed for time. On the other hand, pre-packaged meals often lack an ample supply of nutrients, or provide too ample a supply of preservatives, and should therefore be eaten in moderation.

Multiple recipes exist for anyone who wants to make her own vegetarian roast. Some recipes include certain kinds of staple vegetarian food products, like tofu and other soy items. Others include more diverse fillers like nuts, bread, rice, lentils, and vegetables. Most recipes for a vegetarian roast include the same kinds of seasonings and spices as for other roasts, such as salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, and diced or chopped onions. Like numerous vegan and vegetarian recipes, many veggie roast recipes call for nutritional yeast, or brewers yeast.


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