What Is a Vegetarian Hotel?

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A vegetarian hotel is a lodging option for travelers who normally follow a vegan or vegetarian diet and lifestyle. These hotels may be small bed-and-breakfasts or larger chain hotels offering specialized vegetarian-friendly dining packages. In addition to vegetarian food, some retreat-style hotels also offer their guests courses and activities such as yoga, meditation, and cooking. Some vegetarian hotels have their own farms and gardens to provide fresh food, and many visitors take advantage of this kind of vegetarian holiday as a chance to learn more about healthy and sustainable living.

Vegetarian hotels have their origins in the challenge many travelers can face when searching for a quality vegetarian restaurant in an unfamiliar area. Depending on the location, vegetarian food options can sometimes be limited. Some chain hotel proprietors offer vegetarian menus in response to this demand and in hopes of attracting a regular vegetarian clientele.

Some vacationers who take a vegetarian holiday do so to learn new cooking options that can add more variety to their everyday diets. A vegetarian hotel chef teaching cooking classes can be a good source of knowledge and ideas, particularly for newcomers to the vegetarian lifestyle. Taking this kind of retreat can be one of the most enjoyable ways to discover which organic vegetarian products provide the best sources of nutrients, such as protein and omega-3 fatty acids.


Cuisine at a vegetarian hotel often reflects local culture. An overseas vacation at one of these hotels can often be a chance to try aspects of a vegetarian lifestyle that may differ significantly from what some visitors may experience at home. A secluded rural retreat can also offer activities such as hiking, zip-lining, whitewater rafting, and horseback riding. Since many vegetarian hotel owners follow this lifestyle out of concern for animal well-being, their business philosophies usually incorporate ways to educate their guests on how humans can coexist with animals more peacefully by adhering to a vegetarian diet.

Prices for a vegetarian hotel package can vary depending on the location, the amenities, and the length of each guest's stay. Some hotels have extras, such as shuttle transportation from the nearest airport, but others may require guests to make their own transportation arrangements, which is an additional expense. Many resort-style vegetarian hotels recommend reservations in advance, and some even have separate hotel accommodations for traveling pets.


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