What is a Vegetable Crisper?

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A vegetable crisper is a bin, drawer, or other type of container used to keep vegetables and sometimes fruits fresher for longer periods of time. It will not only lengthen the life of your food, but it will also help preserve the firmness or crispness, as well as the taste and the healthy benefits, of your vegetables.

There are different types of vegetable crisper, from the crisper drawer in the refrigerator, some with temperature and moisture control, to food storage containers designed with the same purpose in mind. There are also some that work as compact electrical tabletop units.

A crisping drawer is probably the most common type of crisper and is available in most standard refrigerators. However, there are also stand-alone units that work in the same way. These are a good idea for people who eat a lot of vegetables, stock up when they shop, or grow vegetables in their gardens. Vegetable crispers that include temperature and moisture controls are perfect for storing different varieties of foods, including fruits, which generally require a less humid environment than vegetables.

Food-storage container manufacturers have developed many different crisper designs. Some are specifically for particular vegetables, such as a lettuce keeper. Others look like a bowl with a strainer inside. Water can drain from the vegetables through the strainer and collect in the bottom of the bowl. It can then be emptied if there is too much moisture. This style generally comes with a snug fitting lid.


The tabletop vegetable crisper is a handy unit that is designed not only to keep vegetables or fruits crisp and fresh, but also to display these foods within view. When people see a bowl of crisp, fresh fruit or crunchy vegetables, they are more likely to eat these healthy foods. When vegetables get tucked away in the fridge or in the crisper drawer, they are often forgotten and are rarely the first item one reaches for when looking for a snack. Simply adding a tabletop vegetable crisper to your kitchen table could help encourage your family to make healthier choices.


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Post 7

@BelugaWhale: I don't think you have to keep them in the crisper drawer, but it would make sense because then you would have them all in the same spot and it would be organized. I think, overall, it would definitely be more convenient than anything else. Vegetable bags all over the fridge would just be so disorganized and jumbled whereas putting all the bags in the crisper would make it much neater and easier to find when you need them.

Post 6

@plaid - I have heard of those for vegetable storage. Vegetables are kind of an all the time thing in my home now that we've started eating healthier. Do you know if it's necessary to put your veggies and stuff in the crisper drawer in combination with these fresh bags?

Post 5

@WalrusTusk: I take it that you haven't seen that infomercial that is specifically about crisper bags yet? Supposedly there are these bags (much like the ones you find in the grocery store for produce, but green in color) that will keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer. I think they are called fresh bags or something like that. They are supposed to trap and absorb the gasses that produce lets off and keep them from rotting and ripening so quickly.

Post 4

I really hate our refrigerator vegetable crisper. It actually seems useless and I have decided to buy a new fridge simply because of it. I have heard that crispers are pretty much pointless as well because fruits and vegetables give off these gasses that can make fruits and veggies get riper much faster than they should. So when you keep them all in the same bin they get rotten quite quickly. Anyone else heard of this type of thing happening?

Post 3

@anon526 If you Google the phrase "tabletop vegetable crisper" you can find the giant sized wheeled crispers, but I have not seen a tabletop size. I am sure it's probably out there as it sounds like a convenient and sensible item and would make sense. The only versions I've seen, however, are more of a vegetable washing type container than anything else with draining holes in the bottom.

Post 1

Who makes a tabletop vegetable crisper? I have never heard of that and can't find it online.

Tbank you.

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