What is a Vegan Society?

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A vegan society is a group of people who live or otherwise work together to promote and typify a dietary lifestyle that matches the dietary limitations associated with veganism. These limitations effectively exclude the use of any animal products in food that is cooked or eaten. This type of society can be an actual gathering of people living together, such as a commune, or a group of people who communicate over the Internet to form a virtual society. A vegan society will typically not only live according to the dietary restrictions of veganism, but also promote the lifestyle as a healthy choice for others.

The basic tenants of a vegan society are those that are proposed and followed by people who adhere to the dietary restrictions of veganism. Veganism is generally similar to other vegetarian movements and lifestyles, except no animal products of any kind can be eaten. This means that someone in a vegan society will not eat meat, much like a vegetarian, but also will not eat eggs, milk, and other products that include eggs and milk in their production, such as butter.


A vegan society is simply a collection of people who promote and live this lifestyle, typically for a number of reasons. The dietary restrictions instilled by veganism can make eating foods prepared by others fairly difficult, unless someone simply eats fruits, vegetables, and plain grains. Any baked goods, cooked entrées, or desserts that have been prepared by someone who is not a vegan are likely to contain meat or animal products, especially cakes and cookies that often use eggs and butter.

By living as part of a vegan society, a person can ensure that others around him or her follow the same dietary rules. These types of societies are fairly uncommon and may include farms and other places where people live communally, working toward the mutual benefit of each other. There are also virtual vegan societies that have been established online.

A virtual vegan society typically consists of one or more websites that people visit regularly to discuss the vegan lifestyle. These sites can include forums where people post recipes and recommendations for places to eat that cater to veganism, blog networks that allow people to express joy or frustration over the vegan lifestyle, and even social networking sites designed to help vegans find each other. A vegan society can be important for someone new to veganism to ensure the newcomer is properly educated in how to eat in a way that is in accordance with veganism while still receiving the nutrition necessary for healthy living.


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Post 3

@clintflint - I think trading vegan recipes is great, but in my experience it sometimes goes beyond that. Almost every vegan-based society I've known seems to have been fairly militant about their views and how they expressed them. I know if you truly think that animals should not be harmed for food then it must be difficult to accept that other people don't agree, but sometimes people can take their grievances too far and I suspect that's because they get involved in an insular group and never hear other opinions or arguments.

I guess what I think is that no society based on a single idea should be your sole means of information or support. That's not just for vegans, that's good advice for anyone.

Post 2

@Ana1234 - This is one reason I've always thought a vegan society was such a good thing, because they often spread around a lot of information on how to eat well and take care of yourself as a vegan. When you're surrounded by people on the same journey as you the information is much more accessible and it's not such a struggle to find it and implement it in your daily life.

Post 1

I think it's an admirable thing to stick to your convictions the way that vegans do, but it is important to do enough research to keep yourself healthy while doing so. It's not impossible to live on a completely vegan diet, but it is difficult and you have to ensure that you get enough fats and protein and a wide enough range of nutrients, particularly the ones that most people get from animal products, like B12.

I can still remember a friend of mine at college who had a girlfriend who decided to go vegan on a whim, then basically just ate rice for a month.

Most people manage their health without having to think about it because they just eat a relatively wide range of foods, but when you eliminate whole groups of those foods you need to learn how to replace them.

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