What Is a Vegan Hotel?

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A vegan hotel is a hotel or other lodging that caters to the needs of guests who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. While the focus is often on preparing meals that are in harmony with the guest’s desire to not make use of any type of flesh in any form, a truly vegan hotel will also look beyond the menu and make use of furnishings and other products that also do not make use of any type of animal by-products. This can often mean choosing shampoos and detergents that were not developed by using animals in testing, as well as going with upholstery and furnishings that are not treated with some type of animal byproduct.

The concept behind a vegan hotel is to attract the attention of people who are serious about living a truly vegan lifestyle. This involves creating and serving meals that do not make use of any type of meat or fish, as well as products like milk, cheese, and eggs. In many instance, the selection of vegan foods offered at this type of hotel will include selections that focus on the use of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables that are prepared using olive or other natural oils, and augmented with ingredients such as soy or rice milk and dairy product substitutes made from soybeans or other vegetable matter.


To further accommodate the vegan lifestyle, a vegan hotel will make sure that all upholstery is made from material other than leather or any other type of animal product. At the same time, bedding options will focus on pillows, sheets, and other linens that are not made with the use of animal products in any form at all. In like manner, complementary products such as shampoos and soaps will also be free of any type of animal products as a means of providing guests with the ideal vegan getaway.

In terms of price, staying at a vegan hotel will normally cost the same as a stay at any upper-class hotel. Many of these types of hotels will offer the same options found at other hotels, including swimming pools and tennis courts, health spas, and even a bar and restaurant on the grounds. When considering a stay at a hotel that claims to offer vegetarian cuisine and similar amenities, it is important to determine if the offerings are vegan or vegetarian. This is because some variations of vegetarian living do allow for the consumption of fish or dairy products, and may not be quite as strict when it comes to the use of leather or other animal products with the upholstery.


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