What Is a V Pillow Case?

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A v pillow case is a piece of bed linen intentionally designed to fit v shaped pillows. Pillows which have this distinctive shape are intended to provide additional support to different parts of the body. These pillows are frequently made from a strong, supportive material, such as over stuffed cotton or memory foam. The sizing and specific shape of the pillows and their corresponding cases are often determined by the part of the body which requires strengthening and cushioning.

Large pillows with a distinctive point at the top of the v are typically intended to act as back supports. These pillows may be positioned in bed on top of existing pillows with the two arms of the v facing down, towards the bed. The arms act as supports for the lower extensions of the back, while the tip of the pillow cradles the head. Individuals wishing to purchase a v pillow case for this larger style of back support may benefit from first measuring their own pillows prior to selecting new cases.


Small v pillows tend to feature a more rounded edge at the point of the v, and may be used by nursing mothers as a support for their newborns. The arms of this type of pillow are often wider than other styles, and can hug the mother's body while holding the baby pressed to her side. The v pillow case for this style of pillow may also be sold as a u pillow case, a nursing pillow case, or a maternity pillow case.

Medium sized v shaped pillows can be used to support the sides of the body while in a reclined position. These pillows have rounded edging similar to maternity pillows, and are often used by expectant mothers to cradle their growing bellies during the final stages of pregnancy. They may also be prescribed by orthopedists for patients experiencing hip and joint pain when lying down. The arm extensions of the pillow can lift the back and hips while cradling the pelvis in a secure and comfortable manner. The v pillow case designed to fit this style of pillow may be sold as an orthopedic or boomerang pillow casing.

Consumers who wish to guarantee a perfect sizing and shape match between their new v pillow case and existing v pillow may prefer to purchase direct from the original manufacturer. Most v pillow designers also sell a separate line of pillow cases so that purchasers can match existing bed linens and have multiple spare sets for travel and wear. Consumers do not need to feel limited by the selections available from these manufacturers, however, and can easily obtain an off brand style of casing that approximates the size of their current v shaped pillow. By purchasing from a separate retailer, customers may find a wider variety of colors, thread counts, fabric designs, and materials available to them.


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