What Is a V Haircut?

Christina Edwards

A V haircut is a common style distinguished by longer hair in the back, and shorter hair in the front and on the sides. Many stylists believe this haircut is very flattering on most people, and it can be cut either long or short. Unlike some other types of haircuts, it is very easy to achieve.

The hair is longer in the back and shorter on the sides with a V haircut.
The hair is longer in the back and shorter on the sides with a V haircut.

Hair at the back of the head is typically a little longer on a person with a V haircut. In contrast, hair on the sides and at the front is usually a little shorter. This look is achieved by cutting the hair at an angle, from the back of the hair up toward the front. The result will typically result in the hair in the back forming a v-shape.

V haircuts are well-suited for people with round or heart-shaped faces.
V haircuts are well-suited for people with round or heart-shaped faces.

This style can be used for both long and short hair. Like other haircut styles, there are a number of factors that may determine which length is best for a particular person, including a person's height, face shape, and hair texture. Many salon experts typically believe that a long V haircut should be reserved for tall people, although it can also help balance out the shape of a round or heart-shaped faces. Women with curly hair should also opt for a longer haircut, since this can help minimize frizziness and poofiness.

Individuals with fine hair, on the other hand, should opt for a shorter style, since the weight of long hair can weigh down locks. Short women should also opt for a shorter haircut, since longer styles can possibly cause them to appear childish. Women with oblong faces also typically look best with short hair.

Layers can also be added to either a long or short V haircut. Short, choppy layers, although considered by some to be very stylish, can be a bit hard to maintain. Longer layers, on the other hand, are typically much easier to maintain, and often take less time to style.

When getting this type of haircut, most people will opt to have a professional do it to minimize the possibility of a hair disaster. Since most professional stylists already know what a V-shaped haircut is, all a person usually has to do is ask for one. She will then usually need to indicate how long she wants her hair on her back, sides and front. The stylist may also ask her if she wants layers or bangs.

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@Subway11 - I know that it is a challenge to learn how to cut curly hair because you also have to leave the strands a little longer because curly hair shrinks when it is dried.

I think that a V cut hairstyle can be flattering on someone with curly hair because the V layered haircut tends to frame the face and draw more attention to it. I think that you can also wear a short hair style like a wedge cut where the sides are worn very close to the scalp with a little body on the top and very short in the back. These types of hair styles make it easy to maintain a stylish look.


I have curly hair, and I agree that longer hair styles that are layered can be more flattering than the hair styles like a bob that are cut in one length. The problem with cutting curly hair in one length with no layers is that curly hair tends to be thicker and has a lot of volume so when you cut hair like this it tends to make the hair look like a triangle which is not flattering.

I have found that the best way to find a stylist that knows how to properly layer curly hair is to ask if they have a stylist at the salon with curly hair. I did this at a salon once, and it was the best hair cut I ever had because the stylist understood my needs because she also had the same issues.

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