What is a USB Oscilloscope?

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A USB oscilloscope is an oscilloscope that runs off of the USB drive of a computer system. An oscilloscope is a machine that is used to measure electrical signals. As it measures and detects the signals, it creates a graph showing the user how these electrical signals vary over a course of time. With an oscilloscope, many things can be discovered about a particular electrical signal, including but not limited to the frequency of a particular oscillating signal, the voltage values and time of a signal, and how much of a particular signal is alternating current or direct current. Unlike other standard oscilloscopes that require an electrical outlet to perform, a USB oscilloscope gets its power through the USB power hub on a desktop or laptop computer.

Oscilloscopes are used in a variety of professions. From electricians to nuclear physicists, the oscilloscope is one of the most frequently used and versatile machines in a number of areas. In the past, users were limited in their ability to use an oscilloscope in certain situations due to the lack of a power source that is required for the machine to run. Modern advancements in technology however, have made it possible to make oscilloscopes more portable by creating a USB power source for them to run off of.


This makes the USB oscilloscope beneficial in a number of ways. Not only is it easier to use the machine in more locations because it can be powered from the USB port on laptop computers which can run from a battery source, but the information can also be more easily recorded. The USB attachment to the computer generally means information obtained by the oscilloscope can be downloaded directly to the computer.

Another benefit of the USB oscilloscope is that most of the products on the market use the computer screen to display the data that is being gathered by the instrument. Additionally, since the data is transferred quickly to the computer, it makes it much easier for any data obtained from the oscilloscope to be transferred between multiple users. This makes it extremely beneficial and efficient for those professionals who are in the field and need to send information quickly to associates in other locations.

USB oscilloscopes come in a variety of models. There are very basic models, used for general purposes, and more complex and precise models, which provide more power and detail. This makes the USB oscilloscope ideal for many different professions, from simple manufacturing jobs to more complex tasks that include research and development.


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