What is a Universal Power Adapter?

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Universal power adapters are devices that make it possible to connect a power supply to various devices in just about any setting. There are adapters for handheld devices, laptops, and even for various types of household appliances. The need for a universal power adapter usually comes about when an individual is traveling to another country, where the type of electrical outlets and the kind of power supply must be converted in order to function properly with the device.

One of the more common examples of a universal power adapter would be the universal laptop power adapter. Adapters of this type normally come with plug attachments that make it possible to connect the power cord to different configurations of wall outlets. Since various countries use different designs and standards for electrical outlets, anyone who travels to a foreign location is likely to need these attachments in order to be able to use the laptop without relying solely on battery power.


Along with making sure that the plugs are compatible, a true universal power adapter will also help to convert the type of current available within the country to a type that is compatible with the electronic device. For example, if a handheld device or laptop requires direct current to operate properly, but the individual is traveling in a country where alternating current is the norm, the adapter will compensate for the difference in voltage and cycle of the electrical current. This makes it possible to use the device without damaging the components.

Universal power adapter kits for travelers are relatively easy to purchase today. Many include a selection of plugs that match the sockets used in most countries around the world, notably the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe and Asia. In the event that the plugs included in the power adapter kit does not match with a local type of plug, it is usually a simple matter to purchase an appropriate plug locally.

Along with adapters for use by travelers, people who are living abroad for a period of time may also make use of a universal power adapter on any household appliance he or she is taking along. Adapters of this type can be used with stereo equipment or other expensive electrical items that the individual wishes to have access to on an ongoing basis. When purchasing adapters for this purpose, it is important to make sure the particular appliance will function properly with an adapter, since some electrical appliances will not work at full efficiency even with the use of an adapter plug to convert the power supply.


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@Melonlity -- don't forget that including a universal adapter can actually save a company money. If you have something like a game console that is meant to be sold internationally, it can be cheaper in the long run to provide an adapter with all of them rather than come up with consoles for different regions that contain adapters appropriate to the areas where those items are sold.

In theory, a company would have to come up with several different packages for that game console if they stick with the plan of only including regional plugs. The expense and headache of keeping up with those different versions of the same console can be eliminated by including the same universal adapter with every item sold.

Post 1

One great thing about the global economy is that it is becoming somewhat common for portable devices to come with an adapter and several plugs. It is a bit of a novelty to purchase anything with those extras included, but the popularity of that included feature has resulted in a situation where those items that have them are more attractive to certain consumers than similar items that do not include an adapter.

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