What is a Two-Way Zipper?

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A two-way zipper is a kind of closure used in clothing and accessories that allows a garment or satchel to be opened or closed from two directions at the same time. Depending on the purpose of the zipper, stops may be placed in a variety of locations along the teeth. As with other sorts of zippers, it can come in metal or plastic. They can be made with teeth in a range of widths and tabs in a range of sizes. Some kinds are made out of material that can stand up to light use and others that are meant to be very sturdy.

It is most common for this kind of zipper to be used in garments and handbags that have long closures. One may be used on the front of a jacket, running from the neck down to the bottom of the jacket near the hips. It is much less likely for this kind of zipper to be used on a short closer on the side of a skirt or pair of slacks. Similarly, it is much more likely that one would be used to close a large tote or satchel rather than a small handbag.


This kind of zipper might also be used on luggage that is designed for function above style. A hiker's backpack, for example, might have a two-way zipper as a closure for the largest section. This allows hikers to quickly zip the bag shut from either or both sides or access just one side of the pack without completely opening it. These zippers are also very common on luggage as pulling the zippers shut from two sides often makes it easier to fully close a piece of luggage that has been packed to maximum capacity.

A two-way zipper can be incorporated into a garment or piece of luggage just as easily as any other kind of zipper is. Just as with all other kinds of zippers, it has tape on either side of the zipper teeth. "Tape" is the term used to describe the fabric that borders the zipper, but it's not actually made of adhesive tape. When a garment or piece of luggage is constructed, this fabric is sewn into the item.


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Post 4

I have a warm fleece jacket that came with a two-way zipper, but I find that I don't really have a use for it. It seems like the zipper handle is usually in the opposite place of where I need it to be.

My husband has a jacket that is very similar and he loves having a two-way zipper. It isn't something that I would ever specifically look for in a garment, and I also wouldn't pass up a good deal on buying a jacket if it had a two-way zipper.

Post 3

Next to wheels added to luggage, I think two-way zippers are the next best thing. I am known for trying to stuff as much as possible in my luggage, and don't think I would be able to do this nearly as easily without a two-way zipper.

Post 2

Our family loves to go camping, and when I think of a two-way zipper I am reminded of our sleeping bag and tent zippers. These have two-way zippers that come in very handy.

When you are trying to zip up a sleeping bag, it is nice to have the option to do this from either side. The same thing is true for the tent zipper on the opening of the tent. When there is a lot of traffic in and out of the tent, it is so handy knowing you can zip it either way and get the tent door open.

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