What is a TV Swivel?

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A TV swivel is a mechanical device that allows anyone to easily adjust the position of a flat panel television. This type of adjustment improves the TV viewing from various watching positions. There are several different types of TV swivel available. Wall mounted devices are designed for liquid crystal display (LCD) or plasma televisions and table top models are designed for cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions.

A wall-mounted TV swivel requires skill to select and install. There are two common designs for a TV swivel: a rod or a sphere. Both models allow the device to be secured to the wall and rotate on the horizontal and/or vertical axises.

The cylindrical rod is secured by a washer and nut that prevents the rod from slipping out the frame. The TV itself is secured to the TV swivel through the use of prefabricated slots located on the TV set housing. It is very important to select a TV swivel model that specifically lists your TV set or the slots will not be in the appropriate locations.

The sphere design allows the TV to rotate along a wider path than the cylindrical rod. Movement is not limited to a strictly linear path, but it can be moved along the diagonal axis as well. This option provides greater flexibility of movement, but usually costs slightly more than a standard TV swivel.


When you are looking to purchase a TV swivel, there are three items that you must consider: compatibility with your TV set, weight limits and the installation process. By focusing on these three issues, it becomes much easier to compare products and select the appropriate model. Every TV swivel product lists all the flat panel TV models and series that they are compatible with. Double check to ensure that your television set is specifically listed. All warranty claims are void if you attempt to install an incompatible model.

Read the weight limits provided on the package and check the product manual issued with your television. The weight of the TV is listed in the product specifications at the back of the book. Make sure that the TV swivel is able to sustain the weight of your TV.

Installing a TV swivel involves locating wall studs and securing the device to the wall studs. If the TV swivel is not secured to a wall stud, but is just attached to the dry wall, it will separate from the wall under the weight of the TV and break your television. Different models have different installation techniques. Some models require two or three people to assist with the installation.


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