What is a Tuscan Style House?

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Tuscan design epitomizes the romance and aesthetic of the Italian region of Tuscany. Whether dreaming of a rustic farm house or envisioning a grand villa, a Tuscan style house may be a dream come true for any lover of Italy. There are several factors that help contribute to a Tuscan style house, including architecture, building materials, interior design, and landscaping.

The architecture of a Tuscan style house may make it stand out immediately. Often covered with white, gray, or tan stucco, Tuscan dwellings are also characterized by gently sloping roofs made up of terracotta tiles. Windows in Tuscan-style houses are typically elongated arches.

Building materials tend to capitalize on the materials available in Tuscany. Natural stone and detailed wood are common elements used in both architecture and furnishing. Tile is plentiful, frequently making up the bulk of floors, roofs, and some built-in elements such as bathtubs. Marble, travertine, and terracotta are popular choices for tile elements.


Although the architectural design of a home can lend a lot to it being considered a Tuscan style house, decor and furnishing truly can give a flavor of the Italian countryside to any dwelling. The color palette should feature rich earth tones, including gold, tan, rust, and sage green. Furniture may range in style; some people prefer pieces that resemble Italian Renaissance design, while others like weathered, simple pieces to complement a farmhouse-style aesthetic. Most Tuscany-inspired furniture is made of plain or carved wood, though stone-topped tables are also popular.

Wrought iron is a major part of Tuscan design. Consider bringing it into the decor through the use of dividing screens, fireplace accoutrements, lamps or even metalwork dining sets. Wall sconces are another excellent way to add a little Tuscany to any room.

Artwork can also help set the tone of a Tuscan style house. Vistas of the Italian countryside, works by famous Italian painters such as Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci, and even landscape sketches on weathered paper can all make beautiful, tonally appropriate displays. Murals and trompe l'oeil paintings are also quite popular in Tuscan design, so consider turning at least one wall into an artwork.

Tuscan style houses are often recognizable by their romantic gardens and landscaping. Frequently including fountains, flagstaff paths, and statuary, a Tuscan inspired garden can help recreate the peace and passion of Italy. Plants used in this type of garden include herbs, climbing roses, and Mediterranean plants of all kinds. Terracotta planters, benches, and even wishing wells can be incorporated throughout the garden, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment.


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Post 4

@shell4life – I went a little bit further with my Tuscan interior design. I had a wall partially knocked out and a Tuscan style archway carved between the living room and the dining room.

I also had some wooden latticework added to the ceiling in the living room. I ripped up my carpet and put down earth-toned tiles, and that did a lot for its appearance.

Post 3

Even if you are stuck living in an apartment or rental home, you can have Tuscan home décor. I always wanted a Tuscan style house, but I had to settle for a little interior decorating.

When I think of Tuscany, I think of wine and grapes. My kitchen is decked out with several Tuscan items. The kitchen towels have wine bottle designs on them, and I have a painting of a bunch of grapes on a table next to a wine glass.

Also, I have some wrought iron furniture in there. The bar stools and the baker's rack are wrought iron.

Post 2

The owner of the Italian restaurant where I work has a Tuscan style home. He put a lot of work into the exterior and the yard.

He has a couple of palm trees out front. He also has a climbing rosebush that is just beautiful. It stretches across a wooden arbor that matches the house.

The roof, the shutters, and the arbor are all the same shade of red-orange. To me, it looks like the shade of the adobe houses.

Post 1

It may sound like Tuscan houses all look the same, but I was amazed at all the different Tuscan style house plans available when I started planning my home. There is a basic theme, of course, but you can do as many stories as you wish, and there are so many options when it comes to shades and shapes.

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