What is a Truck Lid?

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Truck lids are caps that fit over the bed section of the truck. These caps or lids are often used in conjunction with a bed liner, creating an effective seal of protection for any items placed in the bed. There are several different options available with various makes and models of these bed covers, making it possible to find a truck lid that is right for just about any type of truck.

A typical truck lid is a solid piece of lightweight metal or fiberglass that fits snugly over the sides of the truck bed. Usually, the lid is kept in place with the use of clamps at each of the four corners. Some designs are hinged, making it possible to secure the lid at one end of the bed. Springs make it possible raise the opposite end of the lid and lock it into position when loading or unloading cargo.

While a basic truck lid requires manual operation, there are models today that make use of electronics to open and close the lid using a remote control device. Functioning in a manner similar to a car trunk, the remote triggers a mechanism that releases and slowly lifts the lid into position. Closing the lid is also simple, requiring nothing more than lowering the lid back into contact with the top of the bed. At that point, the control system finishes lowering and locking the truck lid into position, creating an airtight seal.


One of the main benefits of truck caps or lids is the ability to seal the truck bed and prevent easy access to any items placed in the bed. This can be especially helpful when transporting expensive equipment or other objects that fit easily within the confines of the bed. Because the average truck lid features some type of locking mechanism, it is possible to park the truck in a parking lot or other public places and not be concerned with possible theft.

Along with preventing the theft of any equipment or other cargo placed in the truck bed, a truck lid also helps to protect cargo from adverse weather conditions. The truck bed lid effectively prevents the items from receiving direct sunlight, minimizing the chances for overheating or fading any of the items. A truck bed cover also prevents snow, rain, or other precipitation from entering the bed and possibly damaging any of the items placed in the space.

There are truck lids produced for all recent makes and models of trucks, as well as customized designs that are configured to work with late model trucks as well. It is usually an easy task to match the color of the lid with the truck, although some people prefer to install a truck lid in a contrasting color. Depending on the size and features desired, the cost could vary from an amount that will fit just about any budget to extremely expensive models.


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